07 July 2012

Web Finds - 7 July 2012

Web Finds means.... it's Saturday... have a great weekend.
  1. They’re taking over my desk… - MacPsych
  2. Stickermania! - Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic
  3. Adding a pen loop to your Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  4. Filofax MeetUp: Chicago - Lime Tree
  5. Poll -- Your Filo & a job interview - Honey and Filofaxes
  6. End Of June: Sand In My Daugther's Little Hands, In My Jeans And In My Filofax - Vanjilla
  7. your filofax week (#11) - Paper Lovestory
  8. Filofax related buys!! - Filo Obsessed
  9. Filofax Puzzle Book - It's My Life
  10. Best Present Ever! - Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic
  11. How To Be An Organization Goddess - Happy Brittany 
  12. Philofaxy North West Meet-Up - Filo Obsessed
  13. Malden, my Filo-on-the-go - Honey and Filofaxes
  14. Meet my new zucchini! - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  15. Letting go of some Filo-phernalia - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  16. OTF: Call for guest posts on 'One Life, One Filofax  - The Life of the Perpetual Student
  17. This is how I stay organized. Go on, laugh. - Love That Max
  18. Friday's Filofax Poll Results: Is There Such Thing As A Filofax Cemetery? - Vanjilla
  19. My Collection - It's My Life
  20. Finchley - Living with Liisa
  21. Enabling 2.0 - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  22. Poll - My Filo World 
  23. Birthday Haul, Continued. - Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic
  24. Review of the Oxford International A5 Activebook - Paper Pens Ink
  25. OTF: Guest post no. 1, David's system with GTD - The Life of the Perpetual Student
  26. I Trade A Personal Finchley In Teal For A ... - Vanjilla 
  27. Personal digital assistant or paper for on-the-go collecting - GTD Times
  28. Decluttering my Filofaxes - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  29. My filofax holiday essentials mood boards - Anita Lim 
  30. It All Starts With The Filofax Obsession - Filofit
  31. Filofax Blog of the Week: The Crazy Life of J -  My Life All in One Place
  32. My GTD Filofax set-up - Dave's blog
  33. Friady's Filofax Poll #4 - Vanjilla 
  34. My Filofax Birthday - Not far from life 
  35. My daughter's first filofax!! - Filo Obsessed
  36. Philofaxy North West Meet Up - Update - Filo Obsessed
  37. Flex as a Bible case - Filofax Sagas
  38. Filofax with some Ho! Ho! Ho! - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  39. Homemade All-in-One Journal & Travel Kit (with vid) - Jennibellie Studio 
  40. What's In My Filofax Mini - 2 Scrap Alot
  41. Business - Review Holborn A4 - Filo Manie
  42. Filofax - 2 Scrap Alot 
  43. My filofax holiday essentials mood boards - Anita Lim
  44. Holiday Essentials (1): City Break - Filomaniac
  45. Holiday Essentials (2): Beach Paradise - Filomaniac
  46. Holiday Essentials (3): Country Side Jaunt - Filomaniac
And this weeks video's



  1. Thanks for including me!! Lots to read today, gonna get some tea first :)

  2. #23! A great place to be on the list. Thanks!

  3. I absolutly love Saturday mornings now, not only a lie in, but Webfinds to look forward too. Spent the last 3 hours reading through all these and looking forward to trying some of things in my own Filofax.

  4. 46 items to read! Awesome :) plus my video made it too! Double awesome ;)

  5. just a quick heads-up - you have included m 'MY GTD set-up' post from my own blog, but also the identical post which I submitted to The Life of The Perpetual Student, and which appears in the OTF series there.

    You don't need to read both! They're identical!

    Thanks for including me.....I really appreciate it....

    Happy browsing!


    1. Yes, it's #25 and #32, but one of the other aims of Web Finds is to get new visitors to your blog to explore other posts on the site not just the ones we signpost... so both were included.

      Steve along with his friend Gromit!

    2. Indeed..... was just concerned to save the Faithful some work!

  6. Thanks for having me over! :D

  7. Another SNARLing enabled purchase! Well done!! XD

    1. Ha! I know she is busy with life and stuff but i miss reading a new post from her...
      We should egg her on.. Tweet tweet , haha...

  8. WOW the videos this week are so good! (not mine) I love to see how creative people get with their Filofaxes--thanks Steve!

  9. Huge list - I am late getting to this today, but have no children to interrupt my blissful viewing of all things Filofax - thank you :o)

  10. Wow, epic list! And thanks for including my post :)

  11. Wow you have selected my video (A5 Chameleon)!!! Thanks so much. Philofaxy is the best :-)

  12. Thanks so much for including me in this amazing list! (#17). I am glad to have found you, I honestly had no idea there were so many diehard Filofax lovers like me! Only one other person in my circle of friends still has one. I'm sticking with it!

    1. Seems that you had the last laugh after all! :) Welcome to the community!

  13. Thank you for including me!
    I've been away for 2 weeks and I have only just caught up on the 23/6 list!! With 45 (allowing for the duplicate...) I will never get caught up!

  14. I now have the book "Getting Things Done" on its way to me as a result of reading David's posts, and also bookmarked the Oxford International A5 Activebook to buy next payday - not a bad little haul of practical things there, thanks Philofaxy & bloggers!