16 September 2012

Philofaxy and Filofax in other places

I hope to be able to share with you all the various places on the web where you can discuss and share your love of Filofax personal organisers. Some of them you might already know about others might have been hidden.

Facebook: Love it or hate it there is a lot of Filofax/Philofaxy activity on Facebook
Note: Posts from a Facebook page will appear in your time-line, were as a Facebook Group you will either get notifications of new posts or you will have to check the group for updates.

Before leaving Facebook here are some other notable pages you should consider 'liking'
  • Filofax - This is the UK page. They had a phase of filtering the content so it was only viewable by people in UK, but it seems that it has been restored at last!
  • Chimwemwe - See the work your donations are contributing to. They deserve more of your likes....
Google Plus - We have a page there too...
Instagram MrPhilofaxy is very active on Instagram

Yahoo Groups: For those of you that prefer discussion via email or email digest there is:
  • Filofax - A group I took over many moons ago, it is very dormant these days though. 
  • Time and Life Management Solutions - This group started out of various interpersonal dialogues on the Philofaxy website and beyond, and exists to provide an easy exchange forum for tips, tricks and ideas on time management generally.  
  • Philofaxy - The main Twitter feed for Philofaxy
  • SteveMorton - Me... obviously! Filofax mutterings and other tech stuff. 
  • Filofax UK - 'The official Filofax' twitter stream
Flickr - There appears to be quite a lot of duplication of Filofax groups on Flickr, here are some of the main ones I know of, but a search on the site will unearth dozens of others...
You Tube for your video delights.
  • Philofaxy - Instructional videos and video reviews
Note most Filofax tagged videos are included in Webfinds if their content actually contains Filofax personal organisers... not all do!


  1. Excellent thanks Steve - I had no idea some of these existed! I just need more hours in the day to read it all!!

    1. That will be 'new for 2013' 30 hour days and 10 day weeks It will mean you can have 4 day weekends and still have time to work in the week!

  2. I've opened a Facebook and Twitter account for Filofax related info (without all my Dutch personal talk) and created a blog too (file-of-facts.blogspot.com). Inspired by yesterday's webfinds I've been deleting mail, Facebook contacts and have emptied my bookmarks folders. I put all my recipes-to-try on Pinterest. I feel so social media-savvy. And now everything is clean, empty and in place, I can focus on my paper based organising again.

  3. Not complaining but I tagged my recent Holborn video and it didn't make it to the list this Saturday. I am just wondering if I did something incorrectly?

  4. There is also a Philofaxy handbags group (dormant, last I looked) and a Happiness Project Philofaxy group, which is also dormant but might revitalize now that her new book is out...

  5. Thank you for the mention Steve :) I loved it!!! I only just saw it!!!! :D

    I feel all smiley :D