25 September 2012

Web Finds - Mardi 25 Septembre 2012

Gosh I leave the system running over the weekend in my absence and I was amazed at how many posts and articles had appeared when I got back from my weekend à Londres...

So here they are:
  1. French firm in the frame as diary maker Letts/Filofax goes up for sale again - Scotsman
  2. 21 Signs That You Are Failing At Time Management - Time Management Ninja
  3. Meet up in Köln - Filomaniac
  4. Journalling School (10) - Filomaniac
  5. Journalling School Session 10: Past, Present and Future - My Life All in One Place
  6. Filofax as objet d'amour - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  7. Comparing the Midori Traveler's Notebook to an A5 Filofax - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  8. Lessons Never Learned - Well Planned Life
  9. Temperley for Filofax - Violet Review - Imysworld
  10. Guest Post from Kiddy Qualia - How she uses her Filofax - Imysworld
  11. I'm back!! And an update :) - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  12. filofax heavyweight champion! - Paper Lovestory
  13. my filofax week #23 - Paper Lovestory
  14. more homemade inserts - Paper Lovestory
  15. Philofaxy meet up. 22/9/12 - Rapunzel's World
  16. My thoughts on the new Temperley for Filofax range - Rapunzel's World
  17. An Open Letter....... - Austin Linda Rides Again [Link Removed as the post was deleted]
  18. Could it be that Letts, the owner/partner of Filofax is getting ready to sell? - Austin Linda Rides Again
  19. There is something rotten in the state of Filo - Productive Living
  20. Filofax Fortnight #6 - Pride, It leaves you hollow
  21. Philofaxy September 2012 Meet Up - JarFM
  22. Filofax App? - Lady Tamlynn
  23. New Set Up - picture 4 - Sense of Gravity
  24. My Filofax Collection Part 2 - Within Dreams We Live
  25. Filofax inserts using a cute notebook - Nothings Original Anymore
  26. Look what I found! - Lilly Actually
  27. My Domino Snake set up for uni - Lilly Actually
  28. Yet Another Divider Post: Pennybridge - Wandrrlust
  29. When Life Gets Crazy… - Wandrrlust
  30. Making Filofax Dividers - Femme Musings
  31. Hot List Sheets - Cloudberry Musings
  32. New Filofax Personal Inserts - Glossette
  33. My new weight loss Filofax - Filofax Fantasies
  34. Question of the Week - Strangest Place You've Taken Your Filofax? - Bryan Sherwood
  35. The Most Important Part of My Filofax Planner - Bryan Sherwood
  36. Uni Filofax Set Up - In Hope of an Organised Life
  37. Do you know where your addresses are?? - Plannerisms
  38. Creating time out of nothing - Mother's Always Right
  39. Moving on up...- Imysworld
  40. Maudiemade - Jagged Little Thoughts
And you have been busy doing Filofax videos too... Click watch in You Tube if you want to see the full details of the video and comments etc.

A bientôt


  1. At first glance you may skip over it, but everyone here should read the top story (no. 1 above) from today's Scotsman ("French firm in the frame as diary maker Letts goes up for sale again"). This could have enormous consequences for the future of Filofax.
    1) Letts (Letts Filofax Group) is the company that owns Filofax.
    2) The CEO of LFG is to announce the trading figures for 2011 shortly. He is already hinting that they will be bad. We all know that!
    3) The venture capitalists that own the bulk of LFG are rumoured to want out. VC's don't usually hang around in declining markets.
    4) Groupe Exacompta Clairefontaine. Who are they? They are a huge firm involved in all sorts of paper/ stationery/ office things. Most interestingly, they own Quo Vadis, the nearest French product to Filofax. If they succeed in purchasing Letts Filofax, what will happen. Range consolidation for sure!

    We shouldn't speculate too much, but turbulent times may lie ahead...

    1. I had similar thoughts, Tim. At least from the American viewpoint, the Filofax brand is much better established than QuoVadis, which would help keep Filofax viable. But one must wonder what we will see in the future.

    2. One obvious benefit would have to be a paper upgrade. Clairefontaine paper is of peerless quality. I might do a somersault the day I see Personal cut-and-punched Rhodia quadrille or Dot Grid refills. . .

  2. Thank you for featuring my Metropol video's :)

  3. Thank you for the great links to the wonderful blogs. I enjoy it again and again to browse on your blog.


  4. 2 posts on one day? Its like christmas time! :)

  5. I'm just now getting around to watching the videos, and I'm being told that the Temperley video (first on the list) has been removed by the user.

    1. Yes they have, but I think they have uploaded a new version, so I've linked to it. Try again..