18 September 2012

Web Finds - 18 September 2012

Here are the start of the week Filofax web finds for your enjoyment.
  1. The future of Filofax – an open letter to Helena Bloomer of Slam PR - Daves Blog 
  2. Open Letter To SlamPR - Plannerisms
  3. The Future of Filofax - an open letter to Helena Bloomer of Slam PR - LJ's Blog of Stuff 
  4. An open letter to Slam PR, Filofax and Ms. Helena Bloomer, MD of Slam PR. - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  5. Open Letter to Filofax, SlamPR and Helena Bloomer - Write Where I Stand
  6. Share your filofax memories- Unchecked Other - Caribbean Princess
  7. my "new" filofax amethyst slimline deco - Paper Lovestory
  8. Organised Mum - Finances - Cloudberry Musings
  9. All Stars Guest Post by Judith: Today, I touched all these Filofaxes - My Life All in One Place 
  10. All Stars Guest Post - Deborah: “There was once a Velveteen Rabbit…” – A Review - Fennell Books
  11. Inside My Filofax Finsbury - Jagged Little Thoughts
  12. Sneaky Naughty Purchase! - Within Dreams We Live 
  13. My Domino Ultra Violet Mini Filofax - I'm a Filo Freak
  14. Jack is here (finally) - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
  15. In Defense of the Power of Paper - GTD Times
  16. Yet Another Filofax… It’s a Cuban! - Glossette
  17. Filofax Update - Just Stefanie
  18. Temperley London for Filofax- die Herbst-Kollektion - Filomaniac
  19. your filofax week: jessi's #22 - Paper Lovestory
  20. Filofail - File of Facts
  21. Anatomy of my Filofax: Diary/Calendar - The Storage Studio
  22. Journalling School Session 9: Frequently asked questions  - My Life All in One Place
  23. Journalling School (9) - Filomaniac
  24. Glamour Shopping Week - wieder mit Filofax - Filomaniac
  25. my own custom made inserts - Paper Lovestory
  26. Another Filo makeover! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  27. 2013 inserts FAIL! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  28. My filofax weeks! - The Wonderful Life of Alice 
  29. Announcements - Imysworld 
  30. Note to self.... Get off the couch - The Crazy Suburban Mom  
  31. Wow, wow, wow!!! eBay Heaven!!! - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  32. Move Complete... - LJ's Blog of Stuff  Every Philofaxer should have one of these!!!
  33. The Future of Filofax - an open letter to Helena Bloomer of Slam PR - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  34. What's in My Filofax .... - The Beginnings of a Filo - Fanatic
  35. Childhood link to obsession - Filofax Fantasies
  36. Dodo Acad-Pad Week Three - Lady Tamlynn
  37. Franklin Covey binder cover - Sense of Gravity
  38. All Stars Guest Post - Femke - Recipe Filofax - Rapunzel's World
  39. Philofaxy meet up Saturday 22nd September 2012 - Rapunzel's World
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  1. Here's the link to the full article in the New York Times by David Allen of GTD....the GTD Times link given only leads to an extract (I've left them a comment asking them to post up the full link).

    For those who can't wait for GTD Times to publish it, here's the link...


  2. I love how excited Josh is over his new dodo pad inserts! Looking forward to the full review (assuming there will indeed be one).

  3. I am not all that familiar with YouTube in that I don't know what (if any) options there are for embedding them into a post, but is it possible to add who is doing the videos? I see so many wonderful videos but for most, I don't know who is speaking. Just a thought, I can always dig up that information elsewhere.

    1. I will start adding the names of the people, if I know them. It's not always obvious with the ones I find on You Tube using my magic search.

    2. Please don't go crazy just for me. I don't want to give you more work than you already do Steve. One of my goals for January and 2013 is to make a list of everybody's name and corresponding blogs/twitter/YouTube accounts. I don't know how far I'll get though, seeing as how many of us there are!

    3. You can add mine to your list

      No YouTube......I think.....