22 September 2012

Web Finds - 22 September 2012

So I'm in London this weekend for the Philofaxy meet up today, so watch out on Twitter for some photos of our meet up.

But in the mean time here are some Filofax blog posts for you to read:
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  2. An open letter to MD of Slam PR. - Rapunzel's World
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  4. Filofax woes – an open letter to SLAM PR agency regarding their perceptions of the Filofax brand and its customer base. - The Musings of Max 
  5. The future of Filofax – an open letter to Helena Bloomer of Slam PR - The Life of a Perpetual Student 
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  10. - Kiwi Paper Addict
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  12. The Future of Filofax – An Open Letter to Helena Bloomer of Slam PR - Well Planned Life
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  40. Filofax Blog of the Week: Thoughts & Exploration - My Life All in One Place
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  43. New Filo ..yeah, it's a good day! - Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita
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  1. Pleased to see so many publishing the open letter from David :o)

  2. Think you got my post wrong Steve ;) Or blogspot when mental? I posted a DIY for Filofax but you have my blog challenge up here instead?

    Either way here's the post for the DIY http://nothingsoriginalanymore.blogspot.com/2012/09/filofax-inserts-using-cute-notebook.html


    1. I will put it in to the next one, possibly my mistake trying to do too many things at the same time!

    2. Haha no worries!! Have fun in London!

  3. Hi Steve, you missed two from lilyactually.blogspot.com - I would link but iPad is being individual today.

  4. http://mammastressataxd.blogspot.it :) spero che si vede blog

  5. Am I the only one NOT getting upset about Helena Bloomers comment about Filofax-user. Saying that we like to write notes cannot be all that wrong! I mean we write in our Filofaxes all the time... Saying that Filofax-users are very interested in "fashion/stylish accessories" cannot be all that wrong either... We talk, take pictures, think about, dream about what Filofax we should buy next, how they smell and feel....

    I mean, aren't we getting a little ahead of our selves by stating that this is all so wrong and "we are just concerned with organizing"... I know I'm not just concerned with organizing. I wanna be organized while being stylish and classy and I truly feel that the Filofax-brand provide me with exactly that!

    I thought it was interesting to read about what kind of marketing Filofax is involved in and the brand needs to reinvent itself (every brand needs to) in order to stay current and relevant! And a paper planner in the digital age??? Gotta be something about it, right fellow Filosophers!!??!!

  6. Dear Danish - everything you say is very valid. What is upsetting many of us though, is the way Filofax is almost ONLY being promoted as a fashion accessory. Just about every new model description, photo or press release is about how good a Filo will look on the cat walk, at a party, or co-ordinating perfectly with you're latest outfit. It's almost unheard of to see an image of a man or indeed anyone older than about 20! It's fine to attract a new market. Just don't ignore the needs of your long-standing and loyal customers.

    1. Thanks, Tim... Excellent point! I absolutely agree!

  7. You can be classy and stylish without being a slave to fashions that change with the wind. Well-made, durable, organisers are VERY classy and stylish, and it would behove Filofax to remember this.