12 September 2012

Philofaxy Meet Up - Edinburgh - 17 November 2012

Following on from post by Laurie about a Scotland Meet Up. After quite a bit of discussion on here and on Facebook, a date has been decided.

So there is going to be a Philofaxy Meet Up in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th November 2012.

Can I encourage anyone interested in attending the meet up to make contact with me or join the Facebook group.

There are still a few things to decide, but I will be attending the meet up, my travel and hotel are already booked for that weekend. We are still deciding on the time of our meet up, where to eat etc but we will hopefully fill in these gaps in the next few days.

However, we need to know the final numbers before we make reservations etc.

Laurie and I are looking forward to meeting some more readers in Scotland.

And for your amusement this will only be my second ever visit to Scotland and the first one hardly counted... I was only there a few hours and I then went back on a plane to London!


  1. I think Elvis stepped onto Scottish soil for a wee while before getting back on a plane

    1. I went to the Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) office near Edinburgh airport! It was back in about 1986/87 I think..


  2. Elvis landed at Prestwick Airport in the west coast of Scotland in 1960......

  3. Elvis lands at Preswtick Airport in. 1960.