08 September 2012

Web Finds - 8 September 2012

Once again here we are with Saturdays batch of Filofax blog posts from around the web, if you missed Tuesdays episode pop back and catch up on those as well.
  1. My New Slimline Holborn!! - Filo Obsessed
  2. All Stars Post: Philofaxy Web Finds: How They Are Created - Steve - Well Planned Life
  3. Visiting Dodo Towers - Dodolicious Tea Party! - Imysworld
  4. Filofax (and -ish) enabling - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  5. Malden Filofax Review - All Things Gay
  6. My poorly chameleon! - The World of Debimoje
  7. Planner Setup: Hermès Vision - Wandrrlust
  8. My ‘New’ Filofax - The Post Grad Mama
  9. Blog Giveaway! - Bryan Sherwood 
  10. Competition to Win a Filofax! - Enter NOW! - Imysworld
  11. Neue Umfrage: Wann kauft Ihr den/die Kalender für 2013 - Filomaniac
  12. F-f-f-finsbury! - Katie Louise Halsall
  13. My New Filofax! - Femme Musings
  14. Planner Conundrums - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  15. All Stars: My Book Life - Kanalt - Bluebonnet Reads
  16. Personal Amazona V Compact Regency - Imysworld
  17. A Beautiful Match! - I'm a Filo Freak
  18. How Do You Use Your Flex from Filofax - I'm a Filo Freak
  19. Dodo Acad-Pad Week One - Lady Tamlynn
  20. Toss the To-Do List and Make a Checklist Instead - Homemakers Daily
  21. Mulberry Agenda Organiser - This Bug's Life
  22. Philofaxy AllStars Guest Post by Kanalt17: Bag, Bag, Bag – and Another Bag! - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  23. Personal reappearance! - Filofax Fantasies 
  24. My life, all in one garbage chute - The Musings of Max
  25. Filofax Blog of the Week: Filo Obsessed - My Life All in One Place
  26. Filofax and Field Notes!!- Filo Obsessed
  27. How to use a Filofax Finance/Expense Sheet? - Imysworld 
  28. Guest post from Patty at Homemakers Daily: Want to See What’s In My Franklin Covey Compact? - Plannerisms 
  29. Philofaxy All Stars 2012 // Guest Post by Helen - Wandrrlust
  30. My Filofax Uses Part 1 - It's My Life!
  31. My Filofax Uses Part 2 - It's My Life!
  32. My Filofax Uses Part 3 - It's My Life!
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  35. What's on your Filofax Holiday Wish list? - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  36. All change on the Filofax front .... again - Heather Holistics
  37. Disorganised - Cloudberry Musings
  38. Filofax helped me drop a dress size! - Cloudberry Musings
  39. Competition to Win a Filofax! - Enter NOW! - Imysworld 
  40. WebFinds - 7 September - Bagsey Blog
This is a special Video Web Finds as today, is the day that Jordan (The Crazy Life of J) will be getting married to Mr B... I am sure you will join me in sending them both our best wishes for the future and hope they have a great day. If you have been following the big lead up on J's blog to the big day you will I'm sure know about all the crazyness...  I did ask if there would be an 'I do' tweet on the big day.. but apparently not!! #wearemarried may be??!!



  1. I love these posts! So many awesome filofreaks to follow!

    OT: I just saw the Enigma on the US website. Is this a new model or am I blind and it was always there? XD It looks pretty.


  2. Love those videos! Can't comment on YouTube from my phone thou :-/
    Thanks for posting all that juicy information!

  3. Hello
    I recently read that the Covent St Filofax store closed. Is this true? And did they move or close for good? Was hoping to visit when we go to Ireland/England next year and it made me sad to hear they closed.

  4. Did I see a Philofaxy Card in Redforrori's video on the comparison between the black and ochre Maldens, if so from where would you get one?

    1. I hand them out when I meet up with others or post things to other readers.

    2. Hi Steve
      Many thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

  5. Congratulations to the newlyweds!! I love the Mendhelssohn Wedding March.... my favourite!! Talking of favourites.... I yearn for an A5 purple Malden, but obviously can't afford one until I am back at work. However, do they have the issues mentioned on the video blog here???? Crumpled and with a crease near the spine???? That would put me off!!! Please don't take this the wrong way, but if I had purchsed such a creased Malden, it would have gone straight back!!! It is very much a personal taste, but my crimson pocket Malden is not like this at all!!!.... and I love it.