24 October 2012

Filofax A5 Holborn Zip - Review

Who doesn't like receiving parcels in the post, especially when they look like this one......

The 'Mr Philofaxy' did make our young French post lady smile when she asked me to sign for the parcel, she gave me a cheeky grin as she handed over the parcel !!!

Inside was an A5 Holborn Zip in brown that I had bought from Erin in her recent grand sale.

I'm now starting to see what attracts people to this model. The leather is similar to the leather used in the Malden, just as soft and supple, but because of the design of the interior, the cover isn't as floppy, it gives the whole organiser a lot more structure. The outside on the zip model has a slip pocket, which is quite deep and is great for holding notes or leaflets.

The zip model almost lays perfectly flat straight out of the box as well.

In the left hand side interior you have 5 credit card/business card slots, a large slot pocket at the bottom, A full height slot pocket behind this section, and a leather elasticated pen loop.

The back cover has a similar full height slot pocket as well as a zipped pocket, the zip sits protected behind a fold in the leather which I think is a nice design touch. There is also another elasticated leather pen loop in the rear cover.

Now, you must be wondering what I'm going to use this new addition for.... with my cupboard already containing other A5's.... yes ok!  I'm in fact going to move the contents of my 'work' Property Finding A5 Finsbury in to this organiser. The zip format will work better, I will be able to tuck loose papers inside easier without the worry of them getting lost between properties.


  1. It looks lovely, like the zip around. Holborn's are so useful with their pockets etc, may have to check zipped A5 out although I know they are being phrased out I can't see why.

  2. Looks lovely Steve - will you show us some pictures when she is fully loaded? A good find and perfect for what you will use her for.

  3. Very practical and stylish, love it.

  4. Hmmm, would make a nice storage for my FiloPals letters...lots of pockets for stamps and envelopes, and two pen loops for fountain pens in different ink colours, a secure zip so nothing falls out. I can imagine myself owning one already...

    1. Only problem with the fountain pen idea is the size of the fountain pen as I can't fit my Lamy Al Stars in them :(

      But they do fit a Pilot V5 Ball and I use the clip of a Muji and Bic 4 colour pen to clip them onto the card holder bit in the front, one at the top and one at the bottom so they fit above and below the papers.

      I use mine as my everyday binder and carry some stamps and letter things around in the back pocket/zip bit as you mentioned! :) It is lovely!

  5. I have the A5 Holborn Zip in Brown and Wine and they are my favourites, can't see me ever moving out of them :-)

  6. So glad Mr. Holborn went to a good home and that the packaging made you and postwoman smile. Great post Steve and would love to see it all filled up!

  7. Good choice - the A5 Holbourn is awesome :o)

  8. Thanks for sharing your new purchase, Steve. I loved Saz's one at the meet up & found myself stroking it without meaning to :)

  9. What a "Little" Beauty. I'm still overwhelmed by all the Holborns. They are so lovely and classy and stylish and soft and Wow.
    Maybe one Day... ;)

  10. Does it appear the Holborn will hold an ipad mini in the back pocket?