10 October 2012

Malden as my travel companion

I recently visited Iceland and thought that it would be a good time to try out my Malden as a travel-fax and wallet combined. For some reason, I've never taken a filo abroad before and realised that it would be quite handy for quick access to important documents whilst out and about. When we got to Gatwick, I kept it in my hand and had my passport, e-tickets and boarding card all safely stashed in my pencil case at the front. In the past I've used a small across body bag for these items and my Malden did a very good job instead.

Once we boarded the plane, my filo was very handy again to keep close by as we needed to pay for any drinks and snacks on the flight. The contents nearly doubled in size due to receipts, a city map tucked into the notepad slot and other paperwork I collected on our travels, but I'd already had a bit of a clear out before leaving the UK. On some of the warmer and sunny days, I was able to squeeze my little phone in the back (just) and leave my trusty backpack behind at our apartment.  

Verdict? Definitely a success, but I think that maybe the compact or slimline size would be better suited as it was pretty chunky and took up quite a bit of space in my bag.


  1. Malden is one of Filofax's greats, that's for sure! For readers in the US, Filofax is offering 25% off all Maldens until October 12. Use check out code M12. Happy shopping!

  2. Thank you for this post, Anita!
    Though I´m using the Compact size normally, it was the Personal Malden who accompanied me on our holidays in august - there´s space in it for everything one needs away from home...
    @KarynsPlanit: What a great chance in the US!!! :-)

  3. Thank you for the post Anita. On holiday last year I used my Personal Metropol which contained my addresses, emails addresses and my diary (WO2P) where I recorded each days outings.