14 October 2012

A5 revisited

After my little flirtation with the A5 size, I genuinely thought that I was done with a bigger size binder. I really didn't think any more about it until someone mentioned that the Domino Snakes are still available in the Filofax Germany sale. With my business head on, I had a nose and snapped up a bronze A5 to sell at a later date. Hmm, and then I realised that I was getting excited about it being delivered and tore into the box a bit too quickly for something that is just meant to be 'stock'! However, I restrained myself and carefully packed it away into a padded envelope.

I'm in the process of a fairly extensive sort through of my belongings, which means that my in-tray is constantly full and it all feels quite chaotic. I don't like it and I feel I'm going a bit crazy as sorted papers keep getting accidentally mixed back in with unprocessed stuff, aargh! And then a light bulb came on to use the A5 Snake for paperwork where I've finished the thinking and it's just ready to be actioned. My lovely husband just grinned at me as I chattered away, basically justifying the use of a second filofax! With my minimalist tendencies, I had been dead set on only owning one filo, but if a second one truly helps me get more organised then I don't mind so much.

I previously briefly owned a personal size Domino Snake in the paler, more natural colour but I think the bronze is so much more glamorous in a nicely understated way! I haven't had it long, but I think that the black interior and elastic closure will wear better than the paler versions on the other Dominoes. I met the lovely Jess and her A5 at the recent London meet up and I was amazed at how much it can fit in!

Here's what I'm planning on using it for:
  • Paperwork ready to be actioned
  • Jan-Dec dividers as my tickler file 
  • Holding reading material
  • Storing project support material 
  • Generally for paperwork that would be too bulky to store in my personal Malden
  • Using my plastic wallet to help me process papers.   
I've never owned a Domino before, but I've always admired the simplicity of their design and feel that the Snake cover adds a bit of extra class as well. I'm curious, are there many other Domino Snake owners out there? (I know of some of you, but I wonder how popular the model was/is as it's been discontinued from Filofax UK for some time)


  1. Gah!!! I managed to resist the A5 in bronze when I went back to the website to get the personal bronze for my little boy for Christmas (and that was hard), but seeing it again - I really, really, want one!!! I love the Dominoes, they are such a great staple to have, but the bronze snake adds a touch of class and elegance :o)

  2. Oooohhhh soooo pretty! It would well with my snake natural personal one :D

  3. Great post, moving to a5 size for better organisation. Thank you

  4. I have a snake bronze in both personal and A5. In a strange way I sort of prefer it to much more expensive models. Not sure why - it just appeals. It also seems very sturdy and well made.

  5. I have two Bronze Domino Snakes in A5 - they are light, stunningly gorgeous and wear well. I also like the faux suedy inside. They really wear well and of all my Filos they garner the most compliments!

  6. I have a Personal Bronze Domino Snake that I had to order from the German site and I absolutely love it, it's so shiny, and as someone said does look quite sturdy.

  7. What a beautiful FILO!
    Is there anyone out there who would order a bronze personal for me and ship to the US? My email is jen6425@comcast.net and I would be happy to advance payment via PayPal.

    Thanks so much for considering.


    1. Hi Jen!

      Just tried to contact you via email but it couldn't be delivered.
      I live in Germany and wouldn't mind ordering the Filo for you. I'm thinking of placing an order anyway.
      So, if you're interested let me know.

      Natalie (nycta@web.de)

    2. Hi Natalie
      That would be wonderful! Thank you!
      Please tell me where to send the Paypal $ and how much.

    3. Hi Jennifer,

      thanks for the quick response. My email couldn't get through to you again. I'm so sorry. Do you have any other email I might try.
      The Domino Snake Personal Bronze is in the basket. I let you know about the payment details after your Filo arrives here and I checked about the prizes of shipping to US.


    4. Hi Natalie -
      Are you trying the google or the comcast email address?
      Did u receive my email?


    5. Yes I did get yours then I clicked the reply-Button and got an error message from my provider.
      I'm trying the comcast address. I will try again tomorrow from my work email maybe that will work. Do you have a google email too?

      The order on the filo is already placed.

    6. This is too strange.....I do have a google but don't use it. I will keep watching this post in case you can't get through.

      I am so pleased - thank u so much for reaching out !


  8. I have an A5 Domino Snake in DARK BROWN (not BRONZE), purchased
    recently for 26 euros on filofax.de. Until this one, I only had personal/slimline/compacts : the same paper size, very practical.

    But after seeing people with A5, here or other places on the web, I couldn't pass on the half price offer, and the prospect of 30mm rings :)

    I honestly tried to find a use for it, but rewriting things from one filo to another is a pain, I wasn't able to find another use for it, so now, it is sitting on a shelf.

    I would be happy to send it to you; it is in excellent, almost new
    condition, no marks or wear; it lays absolutely flat; would come with
    cream 1-6 and A-Z dividers, address sheets, colored paper, the full
    white notepad (unused), the business card holder and black today ruler
    it came with.

    And, there's a diary too, of course : academic WO2P in english, from AUG-12 to JUL-13 (in english, therefore, plenty of space to write, each day has the same size, including sat/sun); I think I kept the vertical WO2P in German for 2013 that came with the filo, I will send it along if I find it again :)

    Would you agree on 15 euros + shipping (from France) ?
    I paid it 26 euros on filofax.de.

    Please contact me at 702723@gmail.com.

    (You or anyone else interested, if Jen has already received an offer :)

    1. Hello Frederique-
      Thank you so much for your offer, but I really would like the personal size and Natalie has kindly offered to get one for me. I wish you success in finding a buyer - I am certain another Philofaxy member will take you up on the offer :)
      Best - Jen

    2. Oops, indeed, the Philofaxy post was for an A5 and I read your comment too quickly, didn't realize you were looking for a personal one, sorry !!

      But yes, I've already have someone else contact me, so my A5 is about to get a new home, I think :)

      I hope you'll enjoy your Snake Domino !

  9. hi Anita

    I expect you're already aware, but have you discovered Leo Babauta's blog at mnmlist.com? you might find it interesting. Also, he has a second site at www.zenhabits.com


    1. Hi David, thanks for the info about Leo Babauta's sites & yes, I've been a fan of his for quite some time now :)