19 June 2015

Free For All Friday No 344 by Laurie

June always seems to be a transitional time for me and my family. Even before my kids were in school, and therefore finishing their school year this month, we often moved, traveled or had other transitions in the summer. As a result, my Filofax always gets a workout this time of year.

How does your Filofax help you through transitional times?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. Since my son graduated from high school several years ago it's not that much of a transition time for me. However, we do plan our vacations and my filofax is where I keep all the addresses of the places we are going and the confirmation #'s for hotels, flights, trains.... In fact I am traveling very early tomorrow from Long Island, NY to attend the Philofaxy Meet Up taking place in Alexandria, VA. I have all the addresses, my train schedule, etc.

    I've also discovered that as much as I keep my appointments and schedules for work separate from my filo that if a meeting occurs during my non-working hours for some extreme exception, I HAVE to write down the appts in my filo.

  2. During this time of different projects and some renovations, I am using old project sheets and note paper to map out steps and plans. I use my pocket binder for my month and week insert and my A5 binder to keep the larger pages of information that I leave at home. I cut a large project page to a smaller size so that I can have this portable view in my pocket binder. I would like to create some project and expense sheets on the computer for both binders.

  3. I change jobs in the summer and go from moving at least once a week to being in the same place for up to two months (eek!). I find I still need as much space in my daily layouts for work notes (same kind of work), but need the monthly and weekly overviews rather less because my life becomes more consistent.


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