29 June 2015

Philofaxy Denver Meet Up - June 2015

Another week another meet up, this trend continues for yet another week. So we flew from Washington D.C. to Denver on Thursday. Denver is often called the 'Mile High City'. It sits at 5280 feet above sea level, so I was warned about being short of breath, to drink plenty of water and avoid drinking too much alcohol, wise words indeed.

We were here because my wife Alison was speaking at the Historical Novelists Conference in Denver at a hotel south of the city. This was the view from our 11th floor hotel room.

So whilst she was doing her presentations and attending other conference sessions I took a walk to the local light railway station to catch a train/tram in to the city and then jump on a bus to get to 6th Avenue where I was due to meet up with a group of our readers at 'The Stationery Company'

Lin Logan the owner of the shop, very kindly let us sit around a large table so we could get out all of our organisers and sit and chat for an hour or so. We also had a look at their Filofax stock and the inserts they had in stock.

There were seven people at the meet up including me. It was a pleasure to meet everyone of course, it is what I look forward to with all of the meet ups. But Denver was a bit special in a few ways, please excuse me while I mention a few names.

First of all it was lovely to see Theresa Hall again. The last time we saw each other was at the Gillio event in Brussels in March this year.

Theresa and Steve

Waiting for me outside the store for others to arrive, was long standing Philofaxy reader who comments under the name of Crofter  his real life name is Richard. It was an honour to meet Richard as he has been commenting on the blog longer than I have. For some reason I always thought Richard was in UK... clearly I got that wrong!

Richard and I got to chat about several topics so it was a pleasure to fill in some of the gaps in the jigsaw of knowledge.  Having seen the way that Richard uses his Filofax organisers, I've asked him if he would be happy at some time in the future to do one of our 'Experienced Filofax Users' questions and answer sessions. Trust me it will be worth waiting for.

Everyone got a chance to look at all the various organisers that everyone had brought along. Before the next meet up, I will show you the collection I'm carrying around at the moment!

L-R Anna, Theresa, Angel and Richard

L-R Theresa, Angel and Richard

L-R Anna, Theresa, Angel

L-R Brenda, Richard, Bridgette

L-R Bridgette, Anna, Theresa, Angel

L-R Anna, Theresa, Angel

Bridgette and Anna

The large ring Franklin Covey can certainly hold a lot!
Time moved on and it was time to move on to the nearby restaurant for some food. We continued our conversations there over our lunch.

Because we had started relatively early (10am) we finished our meet up by mid-afternoon and we said our goodbyes. Like Washington last week, I'm sure there will be another meet up in the future in Denver.

I would like to thank everyone that came to the meet up, it was great fun as always, and lovely to put faces to names at last!.

Thank you to Lin Logan at 'The Stationery Company' for letting us host the first part of our meet up at her shop.

Thank you to Anna for organising the event on my behalf. Thank you also to Bridgette kindly gave me a lift back to my hotel.

Next stop Los Angeles next weekend.


  1. Steve,
    I'm so sad I wasn't there--you got to hang out with BRENDA THE AMAZING!
    Jane :)

  2. Crofter,
    My friend Brenda was very impressed with your Winchester. When you do the said post that Steve mentioned above (and can you PLEASE do that soon? Pretty please with a Winchester on top???), will you send us photos of all your binders? And tell us exactly how long you've used your Winchester?
    Looking forward to it!
    Jane :)

  3. It looks like an intimate gathering over a dining room table enjoying great conversation and agendas!

  4. This looked like such a charming get together. I really would have loved to have met Richard and look forward so much to his planning post. So glad you and Alison are having such a great time Steve. I am following your adventures every day!! Love to you both. xx

  5. Thanks to all who attended the Denver meet up. I enjoyed all, and especially to Steve for paying the excess baggage fees so we here in the Colonies can stay up to date on the latest from Van der Spek and Gillio. Those made it clear that Filofax has relinquished it's crown as king of the planner/binder market. Sad to see.

  6. I'm so glad you got to meet Crofter! His is one of the names I have seen since my early Philofaxy days (more than 5 years ago) and his comments always offer a bit of planning wisdom. It looks like the entire meet up was wonderful and intimate, like Michele said.

  7. I've just seen an Angel...a very beautiful one.


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