24 June 2015

Media Announcement: Gillio announce the availability of new colours to order

A very happy morning at the Gillio offices today: a large delivery has arrived, including the first part of our Pastel Collection!

Our offices have completely been taken over by boxes, boxes and more boxes… It’s all hands on deck: the entire team is unpacking, doing through quality inspections, taking photographs, installing rings and making sure that everything is ready for you to order them!

This is the first part of our order – we are expecting the rest of our order hopefully the end of next week!

When will the new items be available?
We will release all of the available items for sale on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th – 11 AM CET!

What will be available?

From the Pastel Collection:
  • Compagnas (medium) in Lotus (823), Lila (825), Light Blue (824), Yale Blue (822) and Acid Green (820).
  • Giramondos (275/02) in Lotus (823), Light Blue (824), Yale Blue (822), Acid Green (820) and… AQUA (810)!
Restock of previous colours:

What has been improved in the designs & materials?


After a lot of feedback from our customers, we started to look for a suitable replacement for the black felt that was used for the reverse side of the flyleaves. We sourced and tested different materials, on durability, aesthetics and how they feel to the touch. You’ll be pleased to know that, staying true to our “proud to be leather” creed, the back of the flyleaves has been produced in black soft leather. It is as soft as the old suede flyleaves were, but a much higher quality material. We managed to incorporate this new element without a price increase!


The inside of the Giramondos is susceptible to more wear than the back of the flyleaf, so we went even further in perfecting that design: the Giramondos are now full leather, inside and out. A significant added value to the durability and overall quality of the product! Although almost twice as much leather is now used to produce the Giramondo, we managed to limit the price increase to just €15. An epoca Giramondo, full leather, will now cost €180 (incl. VAT) and a croco Giramondo full leather will cost €195 (incl. VAT).

Organiser model name embossing:

By popular request, we have embossed the name of the organiser (Compagna, Giramondo, …) under the Gillio logo, the way it was done in the old models.

New matching pen colours:

Zinc yellow (complements our Acid Green planners); Aqua (complements our Aqua planners) and Lila (complements our Lila planners).

Don’t forget to also look at our ‘Hello from HQ’ video on our Gillio YouTube channel in which Mella goes a little more into detail on these changes. Have a great day and we look forward to your orders tomorrow!

Time to raid the piggy bank I think!!!

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