03 June 2015

Highlights of May 2015

So here are the highlights of the month of May.

This last month we looked at Old inserts Part Deux a collection of inserts from the 1980/90's that I've sort of collected/bought over the years, but not in a serious way!.

We asked what was The Organiser of Dreams? and How do we label ourselves..

We recapped about Organiser Sizes and the different names used for the same paper sizes used by different companies

I did a review of the Van Der Spek Touch Me Model Range I'm still using both of these in parallel, I'm really impressed with them both in terms of quality and their design. I've not moved out of either of them since getting them both in April.

I held a Philofaxy London Meet Up - 16 May 2015 which was a great day out.

I've got the Meet Ups in my North American tour starting in 10 days time. Yes we are busy getting our things together to start packing in the next few days.

With the help of Ray Blake we published the  Diary Inserts for you to download and print for 2016

And the following readers went under the spotlight... Inger,  AprilKristyRebecca and Beth We still need new people to come forward, please email Steve if you would like to appear on Reader Under The Spotlight.

A new idea to go in to the Sunday slot. If you have been a paper organiser user for say 3 or more years would you like to be featured to answer some questions specifically about how you use your organiser, what it contains, what sort of systems and diary pages you use etc. More about the nuts and bolts of your system and not so much about you as a reader. Please get in touch with Steve if you would like to be part of this feature.

Finally we have a Philofaxy Skype Chat on Sunday 7th June.

Of course the Webfinds and Free For All TuesdaysFridays posts are always there each week, please join in the comments, everyone is welcome.

If you have a guest post idea, please contact steve at philofaxy dot com  or if there is a topic you would like to see us cover or revisit also please contact Steve.

I hope you find this post useful, please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to do a highlights post each month.


  1. I like the highlights of the month. I have started to design my week insert for my pocket binder on the computer. I have not created a computer layout in awhile and there are so many details on the format. I found some lined paper that I can use for my insert should I decide to draw it again for next year. However I did not buy it because I want to move forward with a computer version.

  2. This is a great idea. To simplify my life I dumped blog subs and their apps, but there are places I'd still like to check in on occasionally, and this is one of them. Perfect for when I miss a post in the Facebook groups feed.