22 June 2015

Philofaxy Washington Meet Up - June 2015

After a busy week in New York including a meet up. On Thursday, we took the train (rail road) from New York Penn station to Union station in Washington. It made a pleasant change to travelling by air and overall we got to our destination on Capitol Hill in about the same time I suspect. But the train announcers made us smile 'All Aboard' reminded me of Casey Jones... ok showing my age I know! It was a TV show which was on UK TV in the late 1960's.

On Friday, Alison and I had a pleasant surprise with meeting Karine Tovmassian for the first time, we went out to dinner in Alexandria as Karine wasn't going to be able to make the meet up on the Saturday. 

We had a lovely meal in a period restaurant in the old town. 

Saturday I travelled on the Washington sub-way out to Alexandria again and met with the group in a Italian restaurant in King Street.  

The staff in the restaurant were very patient whilst we waited for everyone to arrive and we sat and chatted and drank iced water, which was saviour as it was a very hot and humid day outside. 

As usual it wasn't long before the organisers and planners started to appear from bags and were being spread over different areas of the table! 

Once again the Gillio and Van der Spek leather samples were popular, I've got a little carry case for them now! 

L-R Tina, Michele, Keisha

Patricia and Jessica

L-R Patricia, Jessica, Tina, Michele, Keisha, Amber, Brandie, Amy, Sharon

We did a horizontal stack of all the organisers and planners we had with us, and then lined up to have our photos taken.

Photo Credit: Brandie Jamerson Sellers.

The waiter took photos of us with our phones which was brilliant.

Back Row L-R - Sharon, Amber, Amy, Steve, Keisha
Front row L-R - Patricia, Tina, Jessica, Brandie and Michele. 
We had a wonderful afternoon together, I really enjoyed it. Sharing thoughts and ideas, sharing how we used our organisers and explaining various things. 

Thank you to Amber for bringing along several Chic Sparrow Travellers Notebook covers, I was impressed with the way they are made. 

I would like to thank every one that came along, it was a great day. I hope you all get to hold some more meet ups in Washington in the future. 

Thank you to Brandie for being my local contact person and helping me organise the whole day. 

Next stop on our magical mystery tour... Denver. 


  1. Will you ever meet in Las Vegas?

  2. It was a fantastic meet-up! So exciting to meet others who have the same passion for paper organizers and to see everyone's set up. From this meet-up I am the latest convert to Van der Spek!!!

  3. Thanks for posting and sharing the photos. See you in Denver soon!

  4. Theresa, will you be in Denver?