14 June 2016

Free For All Tuesday No. 280


  1. Hi sorry i don't know if I should be asking this here but I'm just trying to figure out what paper I should print on? I printed on bog standard A4 the other day but it's so white! And looks shabby. Compared to the Filofax 'white' pages it looks pretty naff, and now where near as enjoyable to write on. The Filofax pages almost look cream in comparison. (even though they are not - they are def the 'white' ones) I have tried to google what type of paper they use but not getting very far - could anyone advise a brand or a type to look for? Do i need gloss? Many thanks!!

  2. I often use A4 paper (cut to size) bought for crafting as it comes in many colours or tones. Fabriano paper is also good as are many others. I like a 90 or 100 gram paper although the Fabriano is 85gram.