06 June 2016

Tan A5 ostrich print Time/system binder

I've been on a bit of a selling spree recently, so I thought that I would catch up on my posts and write about the ones that have already been rehomed. I'm delighted that the lovely Patricia purchased this as it's too nice to be just sat in a drawer unused.

I admit that this lovely A5 Time/system was one that I purchased on a bit of a whim. When it arrived, I realised that I didn't really need it so sold it unused. It's only print, rather than real ostrich, but is made of a lovely soft leather in a wonderful warm tan colour. If it had been in personal size, I definitely would've kept it. Unlike most A5s, it doesn't have a fastener to keep it closed. The ring spacing is the same as Filofax A5.  

I don't know anything about the company, but you can find out more information at http://timesystem.co.uk/. It seems to be a discontinued model, but when I contacted them to find out more details they sadly never got back to me.

On the left hand inside, there is a credit card pocket with a long pocket above, a full length slip one and a partially elasticated pen loop. The right hand side has exactly the same layout again. As you can see, the ostrich print doesn't cover the whole interior but I quite like the contrast of the paler material which doesn't seem to be leather.

It nearly lies flat with inserts in.

Here are some comparison shots with the Hamilton that I used to have.

The Hamilton has 30mm rings.

It is a lovely quality binder and I'm surprised that I haven't heard much about them before in the online community.


  1. Dear Anita,
    I love the Time System brand. I've got a planner from my parents in 2006 for and it is still the prettiest planner I've encountered in a long time. It is true that their leather is rather printed leahter instead of the real deal, so becareful with rough handling (for the new owner). I think the Time System brand undergoes the same fate as the Dutch Succes brand, which is a shame.
    Thanks for the nice photos!

  2. Time/System is as system you can get when it comes to personal binders. They seem to have a reputation for not responding, but my personal experience is very good and very responsive. The TS equivalent for FF is the Time Management series Tim Edwards so thoroughly reviewed last year.

    And I do hope they will survive. Otherwise my system is down the drain as I am a heavy user. Actually TS acquired Success or the holding of Success acquired TS, but anyway they are now related.

    But it is high quality material, both binders and inserts. Particularly thriving in Germany. And lots available on German ebay too.

    1. You're very kinda Guido! If you want to find out more here is the link to the Philofaxy post I wrote on time management paper systems

  3. I'd like to concur with Guido. Timesystem promotes discipline in daily review and task prioritisation.
    My Timesystem sheets are punched for filofax personal making the perfect combination.