08 June 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 15

Automation Nirvana

If the way you lived your life today was captured and recorded for review by complete strangers to get an impression about who you are, would the things you do be a reflection of how you want your life reflected to others?

If not, then 'pay attention', as Steve Morton often quips. In episode 15, the gruesome twosome discuss the joys, yes, I repeat, the joys of routine development. Hold on to your dull-o-meters, because Automation Nirvana is on, like Donkey Kong.

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Show Notes (timings approximate)

00:00 - Introduction
02:00 - Processes
03:30 - Setting up processes
04:15 - Processes within your planner
06:30 - Contexts
07:30 - Daily routines
09:00 - Clutter
09:45 - Home planner
10:15 - Organising your life
13:00 - Collecting or using
13:45 - Automating processes around the home
15:00 - Grouping things together
16:00 - Gathering together your emergency bag
18:20 - Recording your planner collection
20:00 - Clutter when reviewing
22:00 - Clear Desk Policy
23:00 - Indexing your planner
24:30 - Home Inventory
28:00 - Tips of the week

Episode 15 - Automation Nirvana

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Presenters - Steve Morton and Karine Tovmassian

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  1. An inventory of everything I own might be a good idea, since, given my lazyness with lists, only those things would stay that are worth the effort to be listed. "Is it worth to be listed" might be a much easier question to answer than "does it spark joy".

  2. Some good ideas. I have partial inventories all over the place so I must really complete and consolidate them. The idea to time oneself doing recurring tasks is going to be beneficial for me as I always over- or underestimate the time I need to do something.