20 June 2016

The Goldilocks effect (home in my Kensington)

I think that sometimes, like Goldilocks, we need to try out a number of things to find something that is 'just right' for us. As per my previous posts here and here, I had planned to keep a small number of binders (A5 Ascot, personal Dundee and vintage Coach). However, after signing up to an online decluttering course it occurred to me that owning more than one just makes me feel a bit crazy. It felt like a proper Eureka moment, and I'm not sure why I've persisted so long with something that doesn't match what my minimalist heart longs for! I think that I was more excited about selling them all than when I first purchased them... which definitely shows that it's the right choice for me.

Whilst the Dundee is a wonderful Filofax, I started thinking about the Kensington that I previously owned. Since purchasing it back in 2014, it's belonged to three different members of the community in the US. On the off-chance, I contacted the lovely Deb to say that if she ever changed her mind about it, then I would happily buy it back from her. Her response was, "Hi Anita, I don't intend to sell or trade the black Kensington, but I would be most happy to return it to you. My treat. I just need your address'. How kind and I love being part of such a lovely community!

So, what's so great about the Kensington and why this particular one?
I'd looked at some for sale on eBay and they just looked a bit too new for my liking. I love how this one has aged so that the leather is very soft and a bit puffy (as you can see where the front doesn't look flat). Most important Kensington qualities - soft leather, slim profile, design simplicity, light to carry when full, layout that can be used as a wallet and lies flat. Once upon a time I think I would've wanted something red, but nowadays colour seems to be less important to me than its function and tactile quality. Due to the softer construction, it holds more than the Dundee but has the same ring size.

My selling spree was so successful that I ended up owning zero binders for a short while (very weird), so I've been using a pocket Moleskine in a Raydori cover that Ray kindly gave to me. For project planning, I purchased a cheap A4 spiral bound project book (with handy movable dividers) and I am very much enjoying the extra page space that I've gained from moving up from A5. I haven't quite moved back into the Kensington, but I'm looking forward to the flexibility that comes with using a ringed binder. I will be using the same set up again and I guess that it feels like coming home.


  1. What a sweet story! The Kensington surely is just as happy to be back as you are. ;-) Happy planning to the two of you!

  2. My son uses a Kensington pocket and it has the smoothest leather of all Filofaxes I have ever petted. His planner is su used that the pebbly leather is very creamy and almost entirely smooth already.
    Congratulations on gaining back your old friend. May you live happily ever after!

  3. Oh, this post came at just the right time for me, while I am aiming for simplicity in most other areas of my life, I have bought planners like crazy in the past year, and now they drive me nuts. But like you, I feel I needed to use them for a while to see what it is, I am looking for in a planner.

  4. It is nice that you have the binder again. I also do not prefer several binders. I considered a smaller pocket binder than my Franklin one for some errands. However a smaller one has minimal sheets and does not remain open. I would rather rely on one product for all circumstances. I like my Franklin pocket binder but may use a cover without rings that is more sleek and compact. I am glad that I did not purchase a storage binder for the Franklin pocket sheets or design my weekly format for the whole year.