22 June 2016

Guest Post – Dust Bags by gmax

Thank you again to Max for this article about dust bags to store your organisers

Yes - you really are reading an article about dust bags, and I really have written one. I can only reflect that Filomania knows no bounds!

It’s quite common for high-quality, leather items to come with a protective bag for use when storing or transporting them. Typically the material will allow some air permeation, to help avoid mildew etc. As well as keeping the dust off, a bag helps to prevent dents and scuffs on the leather.

However, I’ve found such protection is less common for Filofaxes.

Back in the 1980s some of the most expensive models did come with a “protective felt pouch”. This one contains a 9KLF “Grosvenor” kid leather wallet.

At some point I acquired another bag, this time with a drawstring. I don’t know when it dates from or what model it would have been supplied with. If anyone can provide insight then please do so.

What options exist on the market today? For personal size (which I use pretty much exclusively), I’ve found that cotton drawstring bags 20 by 24cm are ideal. I got these ones on eBay recently.

They are large enough for a 5/4” Winchester, as shown here. I think you would need a bag of the next size up for an A5 Filofax.

I reckon if items like handbags deserve a protective outer for storage, then so do Filofaxes.

There are a variety of bags at reasonable prices on Amazon too. 


  1. Thank you Max, I agree, we always need to protect items that are precious. I was wondering which model the black filofax with the corner protectors was?

    1. Hi Kitty - it's the 9KLF "Grosvenor" (with 9 carat gold corners no less!).

    2. Wow, wish I had one of those!

    3. I sold this one in the end, but with some misgivings!

  2. I think my heart jumped when I read "Grosvenor" I have a bunch of dust protectors for my handbags but never thought about using for my Filofax collection. It makes so much sense though.

  3. The Filofax Siena also came with a dust bag https://thisbugslife.com/2014/01/30/that-rare-and-elusive-creature-the-filofax-dust-bag/

  4. The only advantage of my husband's shoe fetish is that we are always having those soft protection bags they come with laying around everywhere. I have long approriated those for my planner and find that the bags are usually more durable than the shoes.

  5. Gillio planners come with a dust bag. I would really like to have them with VDS also.

  6. Another option to try, in the short term, is a clean, standard sized, white Pillowcase.