13 June 2016

Guest Post – Lefax Duplex by gmax

A big thank you to Max for sharing this with us, it looks a marvellous organiser and rather unique in its design. 

Steve was getting creative back in January in trying out a variety of designs of duplex (double) binders: Design Your Own Organiser.... How difficult can it be?

I mentioned that I had an example approximating to his third idea of two binders stitched together with a long clasp. On mine the actual join is only down the outer edge.

Anyhow, I promised to provide a fuller description…

This model was made by Lefax, and dates from 1989 to 1992. It was called Charterhouse, named after an English public school (where, confusingly, one would receive a private education). Fees there today are around £30,000 per year - I guess this says something about Lefax’s intended target customers!

In the catalogue it was described as follows:

For those who need to carry the whole office around with them all the time, we have produced the unique Charterhouse double capacity binder. The binder will open flat on a desk allowing you to cross-refer between the two sets of pages.

It certainly is a bit of a monster. Two magnetic fasteners hold the unattached edge together.

When fully opened out it looks like this:

The rings are 25mm in size, and there are two horizontal half pockets and a double pen holder. The leather is smooth calf. This one is black – burgundy was also produced. It was priced just shy of £200.

It currently houses a goodly number of my old week on a page diaries. The previous owner said it used to make quite a big impression when he brought it out at meetings. I can believe it just in terms of the table-top space it would take up!


  1. Love this Slefax, have wanted ine for aged, since the 90s, but now that I no longer working, I have no need for it. I remember a tsn, honey coloyred version of this, too.

  2. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this gmax.

  3. I never knew these existed! Wonderful post, Max!

  4. Max, thank you as always for sharing such interesting posts!! Just curious, do you know how many pages you can fit it it?

    1. You are welcome. I think it would hold 400 leaves comfortably. And it would weigh in at a chunky 1kg!

  5. Hi sorry i don't know if I should be asking this here but I'm just trying to figure out what paper I should print on? I printed on bog standard A4 the other day but it's so white! And looks shabby. Compared to the Filofax 'white' pages it looks pretty naff, and now where near as enjoyable to write on. The Filofax pages almost look cream in comparison. (even though they are not - they are def the 'white' ones) I have tried to google what type of paper they use but not getting very far - could anyone advise a brand or a type to look for? Do i need gloss? Many thanks!!

    1. Please post your question on today's 'Free for All Tuesday' post
      Thank you

  6. I had one of these back in the 1980s - it was indeed a monster! DPP diary for the year on one side, everything else on the other. Happy days......


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