18 April 2017

Free For All Tuesday No. 324

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.


  1. Hey guys!
    I recently saw the Slice Planner that brings the worlds of paper and digital planners together, I am considering if I need (want) one. I love the idea of writing on paper, but then having the reminder alarms on my phone so I don't get lost in doing something and miss an apt or meeting.
    So, my question is, do some of you more experienced planners use digital too for reminders, etc and if so, how do you combine the 2 that is easy and not redundantly entering info into both?

    1. I've not come across the Slice Planner, do you have a link to it please?

  2. Slicepkanner.com its a chronodex type planner. Pretty new. It doesnt have a looseleaf version (yet?) Supposed to be able to use an app to rake a picture and it will add your events into you digital calendar. Best of both worlds. I love paper, but sometimes need those reminders, so i am intrigued.

  3. Sliceplanner.com sorry my big fingers dont type well on phone keyboards