05 April 2017

Tell us about...... 2

I'm sure we all have a particular Filofax or other brand of organiser that you wished you had bought at the time you first saw it.... but didn't. And then before you remembered they had stopped selling them.

Yes it happens to all of us.. me included.

The one that got away... which is yours?

Please tell us in the comments below.


  1. The Journey Travel Companion. Very few of the organisers were made in 2013 and they quickly disappeared! The overnight bag is much more common suggesting that buyers didn't buy the bag to go with it!

  2. I always wished I had bought the Large Assortment in the early/mid 1980s, which contained one example of every available Filofax leaf (and there were a lot). Later in the decade it seems to have been scaled back to provide around 100 of the most popular leaves, before finally disappearing from the range.
    There was a happy ending many years later, when a lot from eBay unexpectedly included this. Fortune had smiled on me!

  3. The one that got away from me is a limited edition Winchester, a blue-grey colour called 'Blue Leaf'. It has a lovely paisley pattern on it. When it came out for one season around 1988 it was too expensive for a recent ex-college grad. I saw one in a local dept store but that was the nearest I've gotten until a few years ago.
    One came up on ebay for a song, just had a damaged pen loop, unfortunately I was out and not able to access the web when the auction ended. However, I'm pleased that a fellow member of the Vintage filofax goup won it and for an excellent price!

  4. I remember being in the Filofax shop in the mid-80s and buying just a few OL7/8 to keep my research notes in. Everything else looked so expensive!

    Several times a year, I forget to look in on auctions as they are ending, and miss something I wish I had bought.

  5. Filofax Baroque! I would have love to own one! I regret that I did not buy one!

    1. Yes it's the same for me. I'd love a Baroque in Personal. I managed to get my hands on a mini and looking at the design makes me want one in the personal size even more.

  6. Don't forget the option of putting a free Wanted advert on to the Adspot page here on Philofaxy, it does work.

  7. Always craved a duplex. Saw one on ebay recently, but missed it. Ended up buying a vinyl one and covering it with glove leather. Worked surprisingly well!