28 April 2017

Free for All Friday No. 441 by Nan

I was just looking through an organizer I used in 2012, and found an entry that read, simply, "Jenny's house - manicotti." That one word brought back an entire evening's worth of good memories.

Even if you don't have time to write a lot, don't forget the power of one word.

Of course, since it's Friday, you can say as many words as you want!


  1. It's so true! Loved this. :)

  2. I thought one time that I was eating a pasta shape known as "apri e chiudi".
    Then I realised that it was printed on all the sticky fasteners, regardless of variety, and realised that my Italian knowledge was less than it might usefully be.

  3. Agreed!! Do not be intimidated to journal. Sometimes I think we get it in our head that we have to write this big elaborate thing, so we just don't do it.

  4. I wonder how many people are using Filofax clipbook ?