24 April 2017

PlannerCon Europe - First Speaker is confirmed.

With a little over six months to go, PlannerCon Europe is already our favourite highlight of Autumn. People from over ten countries have already bought their tickets and are planning an unforgettable weekend in the heart of Europe.

We have a scoop here on Philofaxy today: the first speaker of the two-day program!

Meet Theresa Hall - artist and journal keeper extraordinaire. This world traveler and nomad has lived all over Europe and America and is currently residing in Colorado and California with her husband Mark and their millions (or so it seems) of pets.

Theresa is an avid Bullet Journaller and a mixed media collage artist with journals you can only dream of. Her planners of choice are the Hobonichi planners, which she uses for journalling, art journalling and collages as well as for Bullet Journal-style planning. She carries them everywhere and they not only house her planning but also her memories, drawings, ticket stubs, napkins, and anything else she takes home from her frequent travels. With her love for the Hobonichi journals, she collaborated with Gillio Firenze on the design of their Appunto journal covers.

Some of her journals have been displayed at the Yorktown, Virginia library where she also taught classes. Her work was published in Somerset Studio magazine and in several books, such as "A World of Artist Journal Pages", "Map Art Lab", "Good Mail Day", "Beyond Paper Dolls", "Journal Starters", "Sampler Volume One" and many artist magazines. Her mixed artwork pieces and hand made jewelry have been sold in galleries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tucson, Arizona and Venice Beach, California.

Those who have met her and have peeked inside one of her filled journals know they are remarkable and unique - something the people at Hobonichi also noticed when they featured her journal pages on their website!

She was also one of the instructors at the recent PlannerCon 2017 that was held in San Francisco in March, where she taught "Bullet Journaling in Any Planner" in 4 filled to capacity workshops.

We are all jealous of her creative skills and inspirational journals, and her results seem so unreachable for most of us. "I can't draw!", we say, or "I wish I was as creative as her!".

Turns out: you don't need to be an artist to start art journalling. With some simple 'start now' techniques, Theresa will teach us the "art" of Art Journaling For The Non-Artist, unleashing creative powers you didn't know you had.

She'll also be teaching a highly requested Bullet Journalling workshop after the overwhelming responses at the USA PlannerCon.

We can't wait for you to meet this unique, kind and creative lady in October!

To see more of her artwork, follow her on Instagram: @tofarawayplaces.

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  1. Wish I could be there! Theresa's classes are sure to be "standing room only!"
    Theresa--Any possibility of your class being (partially/fully) recorded, for later viewing after this event?