23 April 2017

New from Filofax in 2017

In the last week Filofax have announced some new products.

They have brought out a new accessory pen loop in A5 and Personal sizes. This has a pen loop and two slip pockets. One front and one at the back I think.

The pen loop is elastic so it should cope with the majority of pens we use. The pen holder comes in red, yellow, blue, green and black.

It is quite reasonably priced, more expensive than the Filofax Flex ones I've been using, but the Flex ones don't have the pockets, but cheaper than say a custom leather one from Van der Spek.

Image Source: Filofax
The pen holder is available on-line from Filofax UK and other on-line stores.

Also this week they also announced three new colours in the Filofax Original range again in A5 and Personal sizes. The three new colours are Coral, Patent Rose and Turquoise.

Image Source: Filofax - Coral

Image Source: Filofax - Patent Rose

Image Source: Filofax - Turquoise 

The rest of the design appears to be unchanged on this model.

The new colours are available to order from Filofax UK and other on-line retailers.

We look forward to more news from Filofax, may be some additional colours for the Heritage?


  1. Hi Steve! I wanted to prind a week on one page CC layout in an A5 size, and there are no files in both pdf and word, could you insert them there please?

    1. I presume you mean the 2018 and 2019 ones? Please can you check them again

  2. Hi Steve, which Filo is pictured in the pic showing the pen loop? I love the colour...

    1. I think it is the Saffiano the colours match I think out of the ones available