20 April 2017

What will we do?

Thank you to Karine for spotting this 'gem'

From a principal's publication 1815: students today depend on paper too much, they don't know how to write on a slate without getting chalk dust all over themselves, they can't clean a slate properly, what will they do when they run out of paper



  1. I might as well kick off the comments.

    When I saw Karine's post, I immediately thought of the potential for a future April Fool's post about a Filofax with slate pages. I was undecided whether to make it an archeological find, or a new, retro Filofax. I imagine it would be equipped with a chalk holder, be called the Caernarfon or Bangor and only be available in dark grey.

    1. Definitely not slimline!

      Karine and I are fans of the Deskfax model, so maybe...