13 May 2016

Free For All Friday No. 391 by Anita

I have a confession... I am not using a Filofax at the moment!
Until recently, I have been using a pocket Moleskine as my main planner with my A5 Ascot for projects and a workbook. However, I have been on a bit of a selling spree, so no longer have the Ascot. Whilst there is much that I have enjoyed about the Moleskine for a change, I'm definitely ready to move back into a personal Filofax again. It's been a useful exercise to help me consider what's good or doesn't work so well with my normal set up.

Have you recently found that a complete change has helped you with your planning?

And as always, it's Friday so please feel free to discuss anything ring-bound planner related.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Anita! I do find that a change helps me with my planning, like changing from a binder to a traveler's notebook, or vice versa, but often the reason I want a change is because I'm bored with my planner, not because it's not working for me, so often keeping something the same is important (when things don't NEED to be changed) as it prevents thar period of planner wobble or time of planner chaos during the transition, when I usually don't plan effectively!

  2. If I need a change in my life, then I'd rather go to the hairdresser than messing with my existing ring bound planning tool, for which I would only change the capacity near the second half of the year. My MTN is serving me well as my journal and I am happy with this consistency which is the result from my previous planning and journaling journey. My experience through this process has taught me, personal size plus compact is my size and I hated the inconsistency during the one year when I changed back to personal at mid year's time after 2 years of pocket size planning. What I never did was changing back to a bound planner after discovering my first Filofax in 2006.

  3. Hi Anita,

    I too used (successfully) pocket Moleskines for several years as my planner & then switched to Filofax personal Malden. I just could not get into the rings & loose paper though. Went back to Moleskine pockets & never looked back. Sometime change just isn't good. Oh well! Filofax is great but just not for me.

  4. Anita, I am back into a paper organiser after a couple of years 'online' (or with no planning!) Sitting down and reconsidering goals, planning and routines is ALWAYS useful for me.

  5. I also do not like unused binders. I designed my weekly insert for my Franklin pocket binder for the summer. However I would like to use a smaller pocket binder for notes, projects, and other information instead of a calendar. Some people discussed this way. I do not prefer to carry so much paper. In that case I would rely on a digital calendar or create a computer version of my layout to view without paper. One positive aspect of my format is that all the days of April are in that month and May 1 is in May. It is beneficial for maintaining the information in each month.