26 June 2019

Philofaxy Meet Up - London June 2019

Last Saturday, we had another meet up in London. You will recognise a few of the 'regulars' in the photos, but we did have a few new people attend as well, which was great of course.

We of course met at the usual venue in Central London, we picked our usual quiet spot on the first floor and the back of the restaurant.

I would like to thank Jené and Jacqui for sending me the photos for this post. I didn't get chance to take many photos, I was too busy changing rings and chatting with people!

I took along my Filofax Winchester and my VDS A5 (inside the bag!)

Jacqui and Karina

Me explaining something!

Louise and Jené

Julian and Max

Karina, Caroline, Max

Steve describing the vintage internals of his Winchester

Ring surgery in progress.

A Filofax Micro size Croc organiser

The 75th Anniversary Duplex 'Grace Scurr' 

The Lamy Logo Pen and Pencil I bought for my Van der Spek A5

Thank you to everyone who came along. I've already been asked for another meet up later this year. Keep a look out for announcements. 

And if you are wondering where Web finds is, it will be here later today, it is delayed this week because I'm travelling all day Tuesday! 


  1. Looks good Steve! So gutted I couldn't make it this time. What's a filofax micro? Why have I not heard of this before????

    1. Filofax made three of these using an M2 ring mech and auctioned them off at Planner Con Europe last month. They are tiny! Emma was the lucky bidder for the Croc Micro! They had a Malden as well as another which escapes me at the moment.