07 June 2019

Free For All Friday No 551 by Laurie

Recently I filled in my 2021 monthly pages in my Filofax. I print undated month on two pages grids, and fill them in by hand so I can prep them as far in advance as I want (which obviously is very far in advance). I filled in holidays and birthdays, and also things coming up each month in that year. For example: driver's license renewals, passport renewals, etc.

My monthly pages have a cyclical life. I fill them out way in advance. As the months get closer, I fill in more details as they come up. I then use the monthly pages to fill in all the details into my current-year weekly pages. During each week, I record important things that happened on my monthly pages, so I can use the monthly pages as a reference/ index of events for that month.

So my monthly pages are used for far and near future planning, then as a record/ reference of past events.

Do you use monthly pages in your Filofax? How do you use them?

1 comment:

  1. I use Daytimer monthly inserts in combination with Filofax cotton cream weekly. I put each month at approximately the start of the corresponding month in the weekly calendar.