11 August 2019

Calling Experienced Users

The Reader Under The Spotlight series has been running now for a few years. We will continue that as people come forward. If they are bloggers it helps raise their profile in the community and I am all for doing that.

However, it occurred to a few of us that we wanted to get down in to how some of us use our organisers on a day to day basis, the real 'nuts and bolts' of how we get the most out of the organisers we own. Not what it looks like more about how it works for us.

So we have come up with a simple set of questions for people to answer. If you would like to feature in this series which is open to everyone there's no qualifying period, but we think it will appeal to people that have been using an organiser for a couple of years.

Please contact Steve steve@philofaxy.com and I will send you the short list of questions and instructions.

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