29 August 2019

Lefax Price List 1921

This is a Lefax price list from 1921. It was in 1921 that Norman & Hill of London started to sell under licence Lefax binders and inserts. The brand name 'Filofax' would not be used throughout the range until many years later.

Thank you to Alan for supplying the price list file.

You will high resolution versions of these pages here.

Thank you to Alan for supplying the original files.

The scans are reproduced here for educational and research purposes only.


  1. Wow, pure treasures! It would be great to have all these accessories mentioned!

  2. Love the filing cabinets!
    Just one point regarding your intro there Steve - the Filofax name wasn’t actually applied to the standard Lefax format until a lot later than 1930. In the 1937 catalogue the Filofax name is just used for ring binders of various other formats.

    1. Thank you for the correction, I've adjusted the text a little as we don't precisely know when Filofax became the only brand name used by Norman and Hill.

      N&H was still appearing on some binders and not Lefax or Filofax after the war as far as I can tell.

  3. Thanks to Alan and Steve for this post. I was almost salivating over some of the items in this catalogue. They even had a rubber stamp for making a filing index, and a list of Dewey classificaton numbers! (I'd like one of those today)