22 August 2019

Filofax Price List 1985 - Chisholms

Chisholms is a shop I used to visit quite often back in 1985-88 when I was a 'first time Filofax user'.

Sadly I don't think Chisholms are still in business. 103 Kingsway is now a travel management company, that was the store I used to go to. 63-66 Hatton Garden is now the address of a various jewellery businesses.

You can view higher resolution versions of these scans here.

The scans are reproduced here for educational and research purposes only.

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  1. I was in the early days of my Filofax use in the mid-80s but had moved to TMI by 1985. I was never aware of Chisholms, although I was a regular visitor to Lefax in Covent Garden before I migrated to Time Manager.

    I like the horizontal storage box - that would be a really useful piece of kit to have now. I have a TimeSystem A5 storage box which I bought through Ebay a while back, which is current full of TS refills - mostly also no longer used. I need to re-purpose it for GTD refills use, which is going to mean a new set of dividers (or two). I feel an autumn craft project coming on.........