12 August 2019

Current set up in my Ascot - by Anita

As mentioned in my previous post, I went on a bit of a selling spree earlier in the year and sold all my binders, except my black personal Ascot.

I have owned one of these before, but I think that this one is much nicer as the leather is softer from lots of use. I haven't included many photos here as I think that my older post already covers more details about the model.

I am still using my simplified set up and just plonked all the same contents into the Ascot when it arrived. I've just checked and I've now been in this set up since January 2018! I had planned to move back to my Getting Things Done based one, but the simplified one has been working well for me. I find that it has enough structure so that nothing gets lost, but provides enough flexibility as well with the A to Z dividers.

I have replaced the clear Filofax rulers with a compact size Franklin Covey pouch pagefinder.

And also swapped the non branded A to Z dividers to some vintage Filofax ones from 1985.
There was nothing wrong with the non branded ones, but I just think that the vintage ones go better with the Ascot.

As you can see from the photos above, I have attached my Kaweco Sport fountain pen at the top of the binder as the pen loop is too narrow for my fountain pen. I started doing this with the two pens with my Kensington, so wanted to do the same again. However, the internal layout of the Ascot is slightly different, so I was a bit concerned that the Muji pen holder would damage the leather. After a bit of experimentation, I found that a small Oli clip attached to a ring protector does the job well.

Apart from those minor changes, my simplified set up hasn't changed at all and it's great as it just works for me.


  1. I really like your set up. I am going back to work next week and I may go back to using my Filofax. Just need to decide if I go pocket or personal.

  2. Update: I decided to use my personal sized Original for work. A basic Filofax for a simplified set up like yours. Thanx for the inspiration.

    1. Hi DIane, you're very welcome & I hope that you get on well with your Original.