03 October 2019

Philofaxy glossary on Facebook by Anita

Thank you to Kent for starting this brilliant glossary back in 2013 in the Facebook group.
I will update this post with any new additions. 

ARTIFAX: Using the planner intended for improved organisation and filling it with calligraphy, water colours, washi decorations, stickers, sketches and drawings.
BOOMERFAX: Buying an A5 Amazona, swapping it for a personal Finchley then getting the Amazona back because you can't live without it!!
CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS: Throwing your Cuban pocket at your spouse in an argument and it ends up breaking apart and ruining the rings!
FAX EVASION: The dissimulation one embarks on when asked how many binders one has bought.
FAX EXILE: An ultimatum from one's spouse to stop buying new binders or suffer the consequences.
FAX IT: File a tidbit of information under your Filofax reference tab.
FAX-OF-LIFE: When you tell your children that the best things in life have two pen loops and 30mm rings!
FAX-ON, FAX-OFF: Learning how to use a real live honest-to-goodness Filofax by training with a Franklin-Covey binder (Those who survived the 80's will understand the reference).
FAXATIVE: The effect of temporarily believing you have left your binder on the train.
FAXED OFF: The anger you feel when someone else wins an eBay auction for a Filofax you really wanted.
FAXED OUT: Having no room left in the house for more binders.
FAXED UP: When you accidentally buy 3 of the same organisers at the same time on eBay after you forgot you bidded on them.
FAXIMUM: The theoretical maximum number of binders one can own. Although in theory this is a mathematical constant it can often behave more like a variable.
FAXINATION: Preventing oneself from making further Filofax purchases by, for instance, having a tall person put one's credit card on an unreachable shelf.
FAXMINSTER: A Filofax whose design resembles a carpet. See also 'IKAT'.
FAXSLAP: What you feel like doing when someone calls it a 'diary'!
FILANDERING: Moving into another FF after just having spent a fortune on another.
FILANTHROPY: Caring for, nourishing, developing, and enhancing the love of all things Filofaxish.
FILIPSY: Filofaxing and tipsy.
FILISTINE: Those who just do not comprehend.
FILO COLLECTOR: Erm, too many to list!
FILO-DOUGH: The money you spent buying Filofaxes and all you have left over is enough to buy a piece of baklava.
FILO-FREAKOUT: When the absolute worst thing has happened - Your Filofax has been lost or stolen!
FILO-PANIC-STATIONS: Hearing that Filofax may have been sold.....
FILO-SETI-MANIAC: Fan of Filofax and participant in UC Berkley's search for extra terrestrial life through SETI program.
FILO, FILO... It's off to work I go. Self explanatory.
FILOANXIETY: When you forget to bring it with you.
FILOARRHYTHMIA: The immediate onset of Heart Palpitations when you suddenly realise that you've actually left the house without your Filofax.
FILOBAYERS: Those that check 3 times a day for new listings on eBay.
FILOBOX: the simple cardboard structure your Filofax came in which has now been elevated to above gold standards in terms of value. No one comes near that box and it sits farthest away from any water source.
FILOBUCKS: The made-up price you tell your spouse that you paid for your 3rd Malden purchase in one month. "It was on sale--it only cost $75 for that A5 Malden!
FILOBUSTER: I guess that one works for storage cases/units as well. Time I got back on the case for that one
FILOBUSTER: Talking as much as you can about a certain Filofax until your spouse gives in and says, "OK already! Just buy it."
FILOCATS: When cats are magnetically drawn to your Filofax: sitting on it, laying on it, sleeping on it, chewing the corners of it, especially when you are trying to use it! A particular favourite are photos of Filofaxes with their cats, or cats with their Filofaxes!!
FILOCHAT: A once a month Skype conference.
FILOCOUNT: That number no one likes to admit to.
FILOCRED: Your level of knowledge when posting here. As in: "Steve sure has Filocred---I believe he knows what he's talking about".
FILOCRINGE: Watching someone open the rings The Wrong way.
FILODAY: When that special package arrives in the mail.
FILODEPRIVED: When one's income does not cover one's FiloLust.
FILOENVY: When someone else's Filofax may or may not be better than yours.
FILOEUPHORIA: The anticipation of receiving your Filofax at your doorstep.
FILOFAIL: Opening the rings the wrong way.
FILOFAIL: Synonymous with Planner Fail, but with your Filofax.
FILOFAINT: When you try to catch up on a 135 comment Philofaxy thread
FILOFART: The unfortunate sound your thumb makes as it rubs against your A5 Cuban after you have just treated the cover with leather cream.
FILOFAT: The state you are in when you realise it's time to move up to an A5!
FILOFAX ELBOW: Medical condition attributable to using an A5 binder habitually.
FILOFAXED: Faxing the entire contents of your Filofax to yourself before travelling (I may or may not have done this).
FILOFAXOPHILE: Lover of all things Filofaxish, including being a member of Philofaxy and friends of Philofaxy.
FILOFAXUERS: People obsessed with Filofaxes.
FILOFILM: The films that we love with Filofaxes in them.
FILOFIX: 1) To repair ones Filofax 2) Spending time with ones Filofax and 3) Buying a new Filofax in order to get your "fix."
FILOFIX: Buying a new Filofax.
FILOFLASHING: the act of casually taking your Filofax out for no other reason but to show it off to the people around you.
FILOFLIRT: When certain Philofaxy members xxxxx, oooo and :) and ;)
FILOFLIX: YouTube vids on our fave subject.
Filofluff: the dust that settles on your multiple unused organisers.
FILOFLUTTER: The feeling you get when you see one in a secondhand shop. I keep telling myself I don’t need anymore...... but I can’t help myself.
FILOFONDLING: Obsessively stroking or petting the cover of your Filofax in order to assess the Strokability factor or gauge the texture in order to appease your Filolust!
FILOFORNICATION: Possibly a step too far!
FILOFRUSTRATION: That feeling when you've got you're setup planned and then as soon as you start to move stuff you realise it can't physically work...
FILOFURY: The unpleasant emotion your better-half expresses when they eventually find out the money for the gas bill was used to pay for another Raspberry Pocket Malden you won on eBay!
FILOGIMMIE: Order has been shipped. 
FILOGRINNING: Awkward smile at PC/mobile device whilst reading Philofaxy/Facebook group chat
FILOKENT: Well known film star.
FILOLUST: That rush of emotional want for the newest or even more so the most recently retired Filo.
FILOMEME: Washi tape in Filofax.
FILOMETER: A device for measuring how long one remains satisfied with the current in-use binder or setup. Often needs to record quite short periods.
FILOPAL: Setting up a permanent place to pay for your eBay win.
FILOPANIC: The state you are in, when the Filo you won on eBay never arrives!
FILOPEN: A slim writing instrument that fits the pen loop and uses ink of a special formulation so as to not bleed through on the thin paper in a Filofax.
FILOPHILE: Lover of all things Filofax.
FILOPLIGHT: Synonym to filowildered
FILOPOCALYPSE: Destruction of Filofaxes...or worse...the horror.
FILORGASM: When rubbing your Filofax. 
FILOSAURUS: The file that will hold the gems from this thread!!
FILOSNORT: The noise produced when trying to inhale whilst laughing at new Filofax words. 
FILOSOPHER: Steve Morton.
FILOSPEAK: Using words that only are understood by those who own a Filofax e.g. washi, WO2P and 'Malden'.
FILOSTAND: What your nightstand morphs into on any given night.
FILOSTARE: That awkward moment when you accidentally half-rip out a page of your beloved Filofax, stare at it in disbelief and think 'I can't believe I just did that!"
FILOTED: For those of us who cuddle our Filofaxes all night long!
FILOTHRIFT: Buying a dirt cheap Filofax for addicts that need a bargain fix.
FILOTOT: A newbie with Filos. (So, Filotots are newbies up until 1 year of owning Filos, maybe?Then, Filokid, Filoteens, Filodults, Filograms/Filogramps or Filonans/Filopopas??)
FILOTRAITOR: Me! LOL. Cos technically I use a Mulberry.
FILOTUBE: Taking social media by storm.
FILOTUBED: How you feel after viewing all of the Filofax videos on a Saturday.
FILOWAIT: ... that many days between ordering your Filofax and the postman delivering it.
FILOWASTED: When the Filofax owner is too tipsy to ensure the safety of her Filofax that she has to put it away somewhere safe, preferably under lock and key!!!
FILOWEE: Ladies you get it from laughing at this list.
FILOWILDERED: Confusion connection with the decision whether one should get the purple or the ochre, the Malden or the Holborn...
FLAGFAIL: When you're at the shops and being handed by a complete (but caring) stranger the small fluorescent adhesive flag that was stuck precariously on your backside!
INFAXUATION: Living eating breathing all things Filofaxish.
Is FILOGEEK on here yet? Hands up if you fit this one.
MALDEN-MANIA: Fairly self-explanatory.
PHILOFAXED: The moment Steve Morton approves, likes and shares your post.
PHILOFAXY VIDEO WEBFINDS: A strange collection of video clips that go on for hours where you rarely see the faces, strange terms are used without explanation because none is required and they often start with the code words ' I just wanted to make a quick video....' And people often only have one hand, they must all have suffered some accident to lose the other one as they struggle to open their Filofax.
PHILOFIXATED: Obsessed with the latest Philofaxy posts.
PICKLED FILO: Being drunk in charge of a Filofax. 
RING-ECTOMY: the process of removing old, battered, gaping rings for new ones. No one has heard of a survivor from this operation as of yet. 
RING-RUSTY: A condition that sometimes afflicts binders in humid climates.
RING-SCREAM: The sound you hear when the rings close on that small web of skin between thumb and forefinger.
SINGULARITY: Theoretical future state in which one can work on a long term basis with just one Filofax binder.
SMARTPHONE: The telephone in ones hallway which is dusted weekly and whose cord is kept untangled.
SPYFAX: Noticing someone in a meeting has a Filofax and sneakily trying to work out what it is! Just don't get caught.... Spyfaxfail! 
WISHI WASHI: Hoping you can still buy the same roll you just ran out of.
YOU'VE BEEN FILOFAXED: If I pull out my Filofax to prove a date or verify something. Watch out!

Download an A4/A5 insert version of this file .docx .pdf


  1. Ha ha! Brilliant and funny. Think I might need to make this into an insert!

    1. A4/A5 insert now available !!! See the end of the post.

  2. Faxminster could be for the times when I go home to dad's place in Ilminster!!!

  3. Excellent!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. According to the glossary I am experiencing filoeuphoria :)