17 October 2019

Philofaxy Meet Up - London October 2019 by Anita and Steve

Recently Anita and Steve both attended the inaugural William Hannah meet up in London.

Steve had helped David Round of William Hannah organise the event. You might remember the event was also advertised here on Philofaxy. It was no surprise that the venue chosen was Vapianos in Great Portland Street, the same location as all the usual Philofaxy Meet Ups!

David had brought along some of his early prototypes and others had of course brought along their own William Hannah leather notebooks too.

This is an early carbon fibre covered notebook, the material just didn't handle like leather does, although it does look quite stylish and modern.

Prototype carbon fibre William Hannah

Prototype A4 William Hannah - also not in production 
There were also quite a selection of ring bound organisers at the event including this limited edition Gillio Compagna.

A6 Gillio Appunto - suede in Flamingo Pink

York Director Deskfax 

William Hannahs

Steve was also pleased to see that Anita had brought along her new Van der Spek custom standard organiser.

After the main event a few of us made our way to Covent Garden for dinner and then we all headed home.

Thank you to everyone that came along and to Jené and Anita for the photos of the event.

There will be future William Hannah meet ups and of course Philofaxy organised ones as well.


  1. Just wow!! I loved seeing the William Hannah notebook up close. I follow William's blog with thoughts for the day and really do love that! What a marvellous chap to have started that business and followed his own vision for a new design of rings and of course beautiful notebooks. I am in awe. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing....looks like it was great event.

    I'm very pleased with my custom William Hannah A5 notebook. Excellent quality notebook and inserts.

  3. I just love seeing pics of these events! I'd love to see more of Anita's red VdS...did she share details anywhere yet?

    1. Yes, the post is here: https://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2019/09/my-custom-van-der-spek-order-by-anita.html