14 October 2019

Podcast Filofax - By Steve

Ian recently showed me his 'Podcast Filofax' It shows a level of dedication I've never seen before!

He has based it on a Filofax Active which is certainly shower proof, I wouldn't say waterproof.

Inside on the left is a small MP3 player that he's stored the podcast episodes on and a pair of ear phones as well.

Ian has printed off all the show notes on Filofax personal sized paper.

Thank you Ian for sharing this with us. Thank you to Jené for all the photos.

You can catch up with the podcast here.

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  1. It's official! I now look like a proper geek!

  2. Hey, no you don't! You just look informed. Loved your post and your planner. A type new to me. Thanks for the post.