10 February 2020

Cross - Referencing

I was looking through some old posts on here the other day and I came across a mention about cross-referencing. I'm sure you have all been doing this for years and wondering why I'm writing about it!

It is a very simple idea/practice to help you de-clutter your dairy pages.

In the example on the right you will see I have written 'Boiler service N3'

N3 is the location of my notes for 'Le technician de chaudiere' or the boiler man to you and moi!

We have had a few issues with our boiler (chaudiere) in the last few months, nothing major, but I've been keeping a note of them in the notes section of my organiser so N3 is 'Notes - Page 3'

I can grab that page out of my organiser on the day of the appointment and then he will have just those notes to see and nothing else from my diary.

Do you cross-reference information in your organiser?


  1. We do something similar for medical issues, where a notes page keeps a summary of appointments and other information in one place, with the appointments in the diary section. I often use A5 super-sticky notes for planning ahead for holidays, etc and just position them in my diary section. Neither of us has tried the actual reference as in N3, but I really like this idea and plan to try it out.

  2. Love this idea, especially for cross-referencing into notes pages. Thanks Steve.

  3. This is a really interesting idea. I am going to have to try it.

  4. Never thought of it. I'm going to use this method!