06 February 2020

Productivity Tips....

I picked up the following tips from a photographer I follow on You Tube. I've adapted his suggestions to apply to more of us.

How to be productive. 

1. Sleep - Some people say get up at 5am to get a start on the day... no, good sleep is the key to good productivity, so try to get 7-9 hours sleep during the week.

2. Make lists, quick tasks and long tasks.

3. Write down all your ideas and tasks. Don't try to remember everything.

4. Go to work or sit in different places to reduce your distractions and give yourself time to think.

5. Be aware of distractions before they impact on your productivity. Limit your screen time, especially on your mobile phone. Remove apps from your phone that distract you the most.

6. In the last 15 minutes of the day plan the following day, jobs, tasks, exercise and empty your head so you sleep well.

7. Learning to say NO rather than yes to everything. That will give you more time to work on things you want to work on and avoid the things that don't thrill you.

8. Learning to take constructive breaks, have a coffee, and break from a long task with a short task.

What productivity tips do you have? Please leave a comment below.


  1. I like to break down big, intimidating tasks into more manageable tasks so I can tick off those smaller nibbles. This helps me move forward and feel more productive.

  2. I think that getting enough sleep is definitely the most important, followed by eating right, and going for walks. I have started writing/journaling in the evening so that I can empty my head and be able to sleep at night. I am going to add in planning at night. That sounds like an excellent suggestion.
    It was funny to me what you said about 5:00 am. I am reading an older book on time management and it says to start at 5:00 am because people don't need as much sleep as they think. When I read that, I was really surprised by it and wondered if it had contributed to the general state of sleep deprivation that most people seem to be in.