07 February 2020

Free For All Friday No 587 by Laurie

Normally by this point in the year I would have discovered that there was something about my planning system that wasn't working, so I would have abandoned that aspect of it (whether it be certain pages in my Filofax, or an entire planner altogether) and moved on to trying something else. But this year, knock on wood, everything seems to be working and so far I haven't made any changes to my system! In fact I'm happy to report my system has been working well for me since August.

Have you made any changes to your Filofax pages already this year?

And as always, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. After years of playing around, trying different layouts and sizes, I've finally figured out what exactly I need and what looks 'balanced' to my eye. No matter what size binder, the system is the same; of course the layout has to be modified to a smaller footprint, but everything I need is where I expect it to be. Currently, I'm comfortably in an FC Classic, but the personals are calling to me.

  2. An A6 is perfect for me nowadays. Of course life can change and that may change over time, but at the moment I am happy. I spent years in a personal size, but now realize that size for me is best for list making in my Personal I use for shopping, a bright pink Pennybridge used as my UK money purse as we call it here, as opposed to a handbag. I most certainly prefer and feel more comfortable with the squarer format and relative portability vs size of an A6. Unfortunately, it takes trial and error I think to find your size, planner make,leather type, colour etc and thus planner peace. I think Steve and Ray have been marvellous in providing this group page with diary freebie printables. Thanks guys. xx

  3. I use A5 Filofax inserts. I live in the U.S. and A5 paper is hard to find. I have not taken the plunge into printing my own inserts yet, but I am seriously considering do so. I have been wanting one day on two page inserts for ages. Last year I used the One Day on a Page Business Diary to plan and schedule. I also used the One Day on a Page diary with appointments to track work completed and time. This year I switched to the Time Management Day to View inserts. I thought they would be wonderful, but they are driving me crazy with headings, columns, and categories I never use and some that I don't even know what they are for. I am thinking of adapting one of the Philofaxy inserts, but in the mean time, I just change the names of the sections to be what I need. So, to answer the question, I have not changed systems this year, yet . . .