14 February 2020

Free For All Friday by Nan - No. 588

How do you organize your to do lists? Do you use dedicated to-do pages in your organizer? Do you write them on the day you're planning to do them? Or some combination of the two? Do you use different solutions for work and home?

For example, I do best when I organize my work tasks using a digital tool like ToDoist, which lets me easily reschedule and reprioritize a large number of tasks. For my personal life, I have fewer tasks, and I like to keep them on my daily pages.

Of course, since it's Friday, feel free to discuss anything organizer/planning related.


  1. CIA using ff? Happened onto your post of 21 March 2019 to see dramatic eagle with olive wreath logo. Reminds me of the CIA symbol. So where is it from, who designed it and what was the original use? Thanks to y'all at faxy!

    1. It is used as the logo on my wife's books. More details here:


  2. Many thanks for rapid response! Was just impressed with logo. Have great weekend.

  3. I have project specific lists in the projects section of my planner. I also carry around a catch-all notebook with random thoughts and To Do lists. The lists are a general mish-mash of everything that goes through my head. Not a lot of organization. I tried reorganizing them into themes once. Hated it.

  4. Combination of using 'Notes In' (or inbox) section / pages at beginning of planner to enter any item I want as a To Do (with date entered at end of the line) and project specific lists to track To Do's by project.

  5. I write tasks on the date page I want to get them done. Items that don't have a due date are on a separate task list. This is for both work and personal. Work and personal have separate task lists.

  6. I have and add to planner page, called my huddle section where I write down every to do that pops into my head. Huddle is a better term than brain dump I think. Sometimes I need to huddle together with others to discuss ideas, and also I like the thought of my ideas huddling together to be processed onto my weekly tasks page an then further sifted onto my today page. I write a today page every day and then discard it. I may use 1-2 cheery stickers on this page, only a few to avoid my planner looking like a kindrgarten art project. My today page sits on top of my weekly tasks page and is updated throughout the day as stuff crops on up. Works for me!! Longer tasks with steps go into a projects section. The best advice on time management from David Allen's GTD is: If an item takes less than 5 mins, do it now and don't add to the task/to do lists. This revolutionized my planning as an ongoing thing. xx

  7. I do not use my Compact Filofax for to do lists. Into my EDC FF are going my appointments and time related goals plus important contacts etc only, whilst my BuJo in a bound A5 notebook is for task management, including financial and meal planning. Regarding work and personal life, I keep everything separat.