27 February 2020

Dot Grid Pages

We had a recent request for some 'Dot Grid' templates for your Filofax. I found a few examples on line, but I decided to create my own anyway.

I've created three different sizes of grid: 5mm, 7mm and 9mm, you can download them here:
  • A4/A5 - 5mm Dot Grid Pages - .docx .pdf
  • A4/A5 - 7mm Dot Grid Pages - .docx .pdf
  • A4/A5 - 9mm Dot Grid Pages - .docx .pdf
Each file contains four pages so if you booklet print you will get two A5 pages with each side filled with the dot-grid pattern. 

These were fairly easy to create. Each page is just a table, with invisible borders with a central full stop in each cell. I sized the table cells accordingly and allowed for the scaling down when printing from A4 to A5 

If you show the grid lines in the table, the page looks like this:

Therefore creating other page sizes or dot intervals is fairly easy to do. 

I hope you find these templates useful in your organiser/planner. 


  1. I have often wondered how people use dot grid pages in their planners. I love them, but am clueless as to their functional uses. I just write across the dots as if they are lines, however this feels a bit odd. I was gifted some dot grid pages on pretty lilac paper for my A6 a while back. Ideas anyone?? Thanks. xx

  2. I am hopeless with dot grid for my cursive, I end up rising off the line like my loops are full of helium! But it's good of you to make the templates.