09 February 2020

Silent Sunday

Filofax Cavendish Personal.


  1. This is such an elegant planner of yours Steve. Not such a silent Sunday here. Howling gales!!

  2. Has anyone painted their planner? I dont have a leather planner, but have a DayRunner that is in poor shape.

    1. Haven't tried painting a planner, but have painted other things like laptops, etc.

      If you're DayRunner is not in good shape, then there's not much to lose by trying.

      Would use a good quality spray paint. Some are more suited for things like your planner.

      Like with most painting, the outcome is very much dependent upon the prep of the surface you're painting. At minimum, you need clean surfaces to be painted. If surface has gloss to it, you'd want to either lightly sand it and then remove any dust or use a liquid or spray paint surface prep material as per their instructions.

      If you do it right, it should work and hold up for quite a while. If you have a proper paint store near you, it might be good to bring your planner to the store and get recommendations on materials to use.

      For example, there are spray products that are meant for painting car upholstery that might work well.

      Hope this helps.

      Let us know how it goes.


  3. Has anyone painted their planner? I have a Dayrunner that is in poor shape.