15 May 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 601 by Steve

I'm sure that I'm not alone in having my travel plans for this year messed up due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

I don't know why, but I nearly always put travel plans and non-confirmed dates in my diary in pencil. This year I entered all of the travel dates before Christmas... only to have to cancel all of them over the last few weeks.

I used to use Frixion pens, but these days I prefer traditional ink pens and pencils in my planner. What about you?

Because it is Friday, of course you can discuss any organiser related topics.

Have a good weekend, stay safe.


  1. I use coleto pens because they have a lead and eraser component that can be loaded as well as gel ink refills.

  2. Pencil only...got more than I'll ever need, got to use them up.

  3. I use a Uni Pin 02 by Mitsubishi bought from Cult Pens UK. It is great for my A6 size. Like you I had a fair few things penned into my diary before lockdown. That is the beauty of a prrintable diary. Things can be re-printed. I still have put in some of the main events , so that next year they still go into my appointments section,if they are happening, like watch The Boat Race or Wimbledon Men's Final. Things I don't want to miss. But instead of using the time column, I have put a big C in red, to stand for cancelled. Things like my course over many weeks for example was cancelled. BTW mega congratulations again Steve on becoming a grandpa to Alexander,(was my uncle's name,) and congratulations to the whole family chez Morton. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember. xxxx

  4. Everything goes in using pencil, but is then highlighted by colour code. The cancelled events have a cross next to them, so I can keep track of the things that were supposed to happen. I also have a separate list of the things that will need re-scheduling. I use a calendar and daily bujo style to do notes so I just don’t copy across the cancelled ones.

  5. I only ever use pencil in my diary. For the rest I aspire to use fountain pen, but the reality of general paper quality means that Pilot 0.1 drawing pens are a good second choice