07 May 2020

Ring Mechanisms

This is an update of a video I recorded about five years ago.

This method applies to all Krause type ring mechanisms that mount on to a backing plate on the spine of the organiser. It doesn't work for ring mechanisms that are riveted to the spine of the organiser.

What you will need:
  • An old table mat or a scrap piece of wood to protect the surface you are working on. 
  • An old plastic card, voucher or similar
  • A flat bladed screwdriver
  • A small hammer (only required if you want to reassemble the ring mechanism
  • A small pair of needle nose pliers (optional) used for the locking tab, although you will see me use the screwdriver in the video. 
To help you with understand what I'm doing in the video here is a step by step guide. 

A description of additional information about what you are seeing in the video. 
Removing the rings:
To get the top cover plate off, I'm using a plastic card that just wedges in between the leather and the ring mechanism, this is to protect the leather. 
Then I use a flat bladed screwdriver to ease off the top cover by pressing between the card and the lip of the cover. Working along the length of the ring mechanism until it is all off one side of the ring mech. 
Open the rings using the tabs and then remove the top cover. 
With the rings still open lift the tabs and they will come out easily. 
Gently pull the rings apart, be careful of the metal edges. 
Now lift the locking tab with a screwdriver or pliers and then slide the base plate and remove. 
Reassembling the rings:

Put a small amount of vaseline on the inside edge of one end of the base plate this helps to get the rings back in to the channel. 
Bring both halves of the rings together so they are matched up on the base and the tips of the rings. With them correctly mated, introduce them to the end of the base plate and slide them in as far as you can using your fingers, pressing down on the mat. 
You might need to use a small hammer to tap them fully in. 
Check that they are spaced equally at each end of the base plate. 
Open the rings, now hook the tabs in to the holes at each end of the rings. 
Before putting the top cover on, close the rings and test them opening them with the tabs to make sure that there are no issues with gaps etc. 
With the rings open, put the top cover on hooking one side over the whole length of the mechanism then then gently push down on the plate until it clicks back in to place. 
Installing the rings:

Make sure that the locking tab is sticking down below the base plate, use a screwdriver or pliers to pull it down. 
Line up the rings with the mounting lugs so that you will be pushing down and pushing away from yourself. 
Push down evenly at each end of the rings and push until you hear the click of the locking tab. 
Look down the side of the ring mech to make sure it is mounted on both sets of lugs. 
Hopefully you will have successfully installed your rings. 
If you have any problems please contact me.  

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