30 July 2020


There are a lot of different punches available now. I've reviewed and I own most of them! Your punch collection has to be in proportion to your organiser collection... no?

This post contains links to various punches on sale at Amazon UK and Amazon USA. There are also links to various posts on Philofaxy when they were featured/reviewed.

Filofax used to sell their own brand one size punches, but they only appear to stock the plastic ones now for A5 Clipbooks. However, I did find this multi-size one on Filofax Germany and also Filofax France.

For A5, Personal, A6, Pocket and Mini, we recommend the following punches. Not identical to this particular one, but the one I have featured in this post.

If you only want a punch for Personal, A6, Pocket and Mini with only occasional punching of A5 pages this punch is suitable. It was reviewed in detail in this post.  The older design was featured in this post.

Note to punch A5 you need to punch one set of three holes then the other three after turning the paper over. See this post for a demonstration on how to use it for A5.

This punch is also suitable for Mulberry A5 which uses the same hole spacing as Filofax Personal size, whilst their agenda size uses A6 spacing.

You will also find other stockists on this Rapesco website page.

For Filofax Refillable Notebooks this punch will do all page sizes.

In UK this page will help you find a local stockist of Filofax products.

For William Hannah disc bound planners this punch is very suitable.

This is the same as the Arc system from Staples. I imported mine from the USA because it worked out cheaper. To see the type of holes it punches, see the William Hannah review.

This is a suitable punch for Deskfax B5 9 hole pages. A similar punch was reviewed here.

If  you like your pages to have rounded corners, these punches are great for making a neat job of your page corners.  

In UK this page will assist you to find a local supplier of Fiskars products

If you want to get back to this post quickly we have placed the text and links on a special page you can find it at https://philofaxy.com/punch/.

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