21 September 2020

Filofax Complete Product List - February 1989

Looking back to February 1989 when Filofax sent out paper Personal size product lists that you could carry in your organiser.  We have the 1989 catalogue already in our archive, you can see it here. 

Heffers Stationers are still in Cambridge, but at a different address to that shown on the front page. 

You will find higher resolution versions of these scanned pages on our dedicated catalogue site here.

The content of these images are copyright Filofax Letts Group and they are reproduced here with their permission for education, research and non-commercial use only.


  1. Love these scans- my inner filogeek is well fed.

  2. The stationery shop in Sidney Street is where I would have purchased a lot of my inserts. Heffers had several Cambridge outlets with different specialties, but it seems now there’s just the one in Trinity Street.
    Heffers has been something of a Cambridge institution, and J E Bounford has written a book about its history.