18 September 2020

Free For All Friday No 619 by Laurie

Earlier this week I was out walking my dog and saw my neighbor from down the road. We got to talking, as we do, and she mentioned the weather this month is so different from this month last year. She said she writes the weather every day in her diary, and likes to compare year to year.

Well as you might imagine, my ears perked up at the mention of a diary so I couldn't resist interrogating her just a little bit about what she likes to write in her pages. She uses an A5 day per page diary and in addition to the weather she writes when the migrating birds arrive and depart, which flowers are coming up, what she planted or harvested in her garden, which mountain she hiked up that weekend (she is retired and 20 years older than I am but still hiking up mountains!), and any other daily notes.

I love hearing about people using their diary pages this way. Do you write daily notes like this in your diary pages, or in a designated section of your Filofax? What types of things do you like to record? And do you compare them year to year?

As always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder organizer related!


  1. Yes, I do the same things! My husband and I like to compare our notes from year to year as well. Summer is so short here so I get excited when the meadowlarks show up, when the tulips come up, and when the leaves start changing in the fall, our first frost. Temperatures and weather each day. And our activities as well.

  2. I always note down when the heating first comes on in Autumn, not yet! Still having 30+ degree C days here at the moment.
    But I should have an updated year planner or similar so I can see various items of information year on year.

  3. I'm a gardener and a birder, so I track bloom times, disease eruptions and insect cycles on plants. For birds, I track arrivals and departures of migrants as well as nesting times. I track the hottest days of the year for weather. Then I do compare year to year. Because I have allergies, I also record "flu-like" periods on the calendar. Some are clearly a virus, others are clearly a predictable allergy spell. I didn't really think about it until I saw the question :) I enjoy the blog, thank you.

  4. I've been making notes about my houseplants and their care. They total 165 right now due to getting a little over zealous. I've propagated a lot of them over the last few months and like to keep track of how they are developing. Notes in my planner, snapshots with my phone. They don't all need care on the same days so having it all in my planner has been very helpful.

  5. Keeping a temperature record in this climat change is a very good idea!

  6. I keep on OTD page, on this day. It is actually a 52 week design from Peanuts Planner Co. I write down what big events have happened in the news that week by week number and/or big events in my personal life. Just 2 sentences a week. Then I read it back on New Year's Eve to reflect on this year, be grateful and set goals for the upcoming year!! My friend does a similar thing on strips of paper, but makes it a happy memories jar the paper folded in strips and kept in a large old fashioned sweetie jar, including mummy or daddy were proud when comments for her children to read aloud with the family on New Year's Eve.