22 September 2020

Free For All Tuesday - No. 503

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away with any questions and comments.


  1. Steve, a question for you. Is B6 bigger or smaller in insert footprint than A6? Does it have the square look of A6 or the list look of personal?
    Curious to find out about it. Thanks. xx

    1. It's bigger, but it has the same height and width proportions 1.414:1 as A6.

      B6 is 176x125mm (approximately the same height as personal, but 30 mm wider) and A6 148x105 mm