10 September 2020

What will your organiser look like in 20 years time?

For a moment, go back to the year 2000 and try to remember what your organiser looked like then? Much different to the one you use now? No I didn't think so!

This gem was in the Filofax catalogue published in 2000, called the 2021.... what they thought we would be using next year?

This wasn't a prototype that slipped in to the catalogue by mistake, they actually included it in the price list at £150 for the pocket size!

The rest of the catalogue features conventional designed ring bound organisers as you will see when we publish it soon. 

I've never seen one have you? I'm not sure how many were sold or how many were ever made. 


  1. I saw one on eBay once & thought that it was quite unusual. I think it sold for a very small amount in the end.

    1. Probably would be a collector's item worh zillions now.... or not.

  2. Also saw one on eBay ages ago. The leather was very dry, like the interiors of the Amazona, etc.

  3. If I am still among the living in 2041, I expect my organiser will look much the same as it does today. The only difference between my organiser today and my organiser in 2000 is that instead of an A5 Filofax System Organiser (Windsor), I am using a Filofax Personal Classic Croc in 2020.

  4. I remember as a child reading that every town,village and city would have moving pavements, much as the airports now have!! I could have done with those with my recent ankle fractures!! My organiser will look much the same for 2021 I expect. I am wondering how many folks have started on the 2021 insert purchases or printathon. xx

  5. Kevlar? that is cool I wish they did make it. maybe not kidney shaped tho, how would one find paper for it! thanks for sharing this has given me a much needed moment of merriment in my otherwise exhausting and bleak week!

  6. 20 years ago, I used my one and only Filofax pocket Identity as my calendar, address book, shopping list and wrote the occasional note. I only wrote with a ballpoint pen. Today and well into next year, I have an A5 Domino to organise and plan my sewing projects, an A5 Finsbury for my knitting projects, A5 Clipbook for my craft business.